Sunday, 24 November 2013

NOTW | Glamour Glitter

Hello again!
NOTW time yet again, don't the days pass us by so fast?!
This weeks polish is from NYC and Nails Inc. I LOVE these nails as they're really girly and shimmery - see, I do prefer light colours to dark ones!

I think these could be quite nice over the christmas period if you're not into reds/blacks. I really like NYC polishes, especially this one as it sets well and they always feature on my blog. I love the effect I used which is 'Glamour Glitter' from Nails Inc which is a polish from Glamour magazine, I'm not too sure if you can buy it in shops. 
I love this glitter as it's really sparse but applied smoothly in an even layer. 



  1. Oooo eeee they are pretty! Nails Inc. are an amazing brand :))

    Sharlotte xxx

  2. Oooh I love this colour! Even though it's very pale it's a lovely tone and shade xxx


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