Saturday, 2 November 2013

NOTW | November Means Black

Hello there - Happy November!
Over October I've hardly posted and I know I've been saying this a lot but I do feel bad. Over the next week I'm going to schedule so many posts and get back to my every other day posting. My blog is my true love and you all mean a lot to me so I'm going to take more focus in my blog rather than abandon you all.

Today, I'm back with a NOTW post. I haven't done these since mid summer and I've decided to bring them back. These are posts that I really love doing and I was doing them so much that I thought I'd take a break through the summer and bring them back for winter. 
Over the summer my nails grew so long (as you can see) and I stopped biting them and the skin around them. Sounds awful but shamefully, I'm back on the biting bandwagon again... my nails are now short and I'm in pain because the skin around my nails isn't in the best condition! I'm definitely going to have to stop because I think my nails and fingers look great in this post and I was happy with how they were at this point. 

This weeks nail paint is from my bestloved LA colors. I love their brand, as you know, and I always feature them on my blog. I picked this colour up in the summer and I feel like now is totally the best time to apply it. I've never really worn black polishes before but I like this polish because it has a pretty shimmer to it, to make it look quite girly. I feel like this polish could look brilliant at a Christmas party with a nice dress or something.

I love the way this polish applies and removes. Most blacks take ages to remove and they leave a bit of staining whereas this black removes so well with 1 or 2 cotton balls. 
I like the way this applies, it feels smooth on the nails and doesn't chip easy too. 
I'll definitely be wearing this polish through the winter months.



  1. Such a pretty colour! Don't usually go for dark colours but I like the look of this.

  2. I often find plain dark colours boring, but as soon as you make them sparkly i'm in love! This is such a cute colour, i'd deffinatley wear it myself!


    1. I agree 100%! I'm exactly the same! xxxx

  3. Such a gorgeous colour, perfect for a night out at this time of year!
    Carrie xxx


  4. love the shade, its so perfect for this season

  5. so gorgeous color !! looks so awesome ;) XOXO


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