Tuesday, 12 November 2013

How I'd Style A Fur Coat

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As you read this, I'm standing, in the cold, watching Jessie J, James Arthur and Conor Maynard in Oxford Street, London... so this How To Style post is very needed! 
This last week I've been doing things in the evening which means I've needed a coat and I've actually felt the temperature drop. For all of you that are late getting a jacket, I've styled this beautiful fur coat from River Island to inspire you all!

Last year, I had a fur jacket which I've sadly fallen out of love with this year. It was shorter than this but I found it so hard to style as it made me look very bigger than I am and everything made it look even bigger so it's a no go this year I'm afraid! I like this one from River Island because you could wear any clothes/outfits you wanted - it looks so cosy that it'd keep you warm whatever the weather!

Because it's a gorgeous plain white, I thought a black colour theme would go well. I really liked the look of this top from River Island - it's sheer and has slight gold detailing which I liked. I matched it with these leather trousers, also from RI - I thought they'd go well seeing as leather and sheer have been the trend for most part of the year. For a bag I've featured this MK bag that was in a post a few days ago - I like it because it's also plain but goes well with the sophisticated black look.
In the shoe department I've featured these inexpensive New Look chain pumps that add a bit more gold detailing but not over the top detailing. I think this outfit would look great for shopping, maybe?!



  1. I love this outfit idea, and I've been looking for a cream/light cosy coat for Winter!


    1. there you go then - the perfect one! x


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