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Favorite 2012 Products

Welcome to my best 2012 products! I didn't really know what to pick but I managed to come up with a few! These are just based on things I've mentioned the most in 2012 and things I reach for everyday. These are actually all bargain type things and nothing is overly expensive. They're all things I would repurchase again and things that I think are quality, good value items.

These items are things I definately use everyday. All of these items have lasted me a long while and most are no where near empty!

Max Factor Facefinity Foundation
This is only a sample and although the shade is quite a bit lighter than me, I enjoy using it. I always use a bit of bronzer anyway so the foundation doesn't change anything. I really like the coverage and you don't need a lot. I like how the sample has lasted me 4 uses and I still have the chance to use it one more time! It's quite a thick foundation but I really like how it applies. I definately have enjoyed using this for the last months of 2012 and I will purchase the full size.

MAC Nicki Minaj Viva Glam
This was my first MAC lipstick. I really wanted a bright pink lipstick and at the time, this was perfect .. it still is! I obviously don't use this every single day because I like using it for when I actually go out. For £14 I can see this lasting a long time so it's definitely worth it. I've really enjoyed using this in 2012 and in 2013 I really hope to expand my MAC collection.

Natural Collection Natural Loose Powder
I use this everyday. I use this to really top off my foundation to give me a non cakey look. It's lasted me a long time and I still have quite a bit left! The best part is - £2! For a long time, I needed something that stopped me being so shiny and greasy and oily. It drove me insane! This is the perfect everyday product.

MUA Lipstick
This color is RED! It's really smooth and moisturizing but very bold at the same time! I love how I can create a lipline with this too.

Maybelline Color 24 Hour Tattoo Eyeshadow
I love this as a base, or even as a simple day look on its own. Its really creamy but pats onto the eye perfect. I can create the perfect day or night smoky eye with this and I really want to collect all the shades!

Chit Chat Bronzer
Yes, this is a Poundland goodie.. I know a LOT of Bloggers who rave about Chit Chat bargains! I absolutely love their stuff and I'm not afraid to admit it! I think this gives a perfect glow without being overly noticeable. Its not shimmery and it gives the right amount. I have two of these and I use them everyday!

Boots Essentials After Sun
Random! I use this as a makeup primer. I picked this up in Green Park, London when I was burnt on my back in the summer *memories*. Its so cooling and I had a lot leftover so I thought to use it as a moisturizer under makeup. It gives the perfect satin finish base and I use this all the time under foundation/loose powder. £1.

Maybelline Colossal Cats Eye Mascara
Everyday mascara. I love love love the wand and it's not clumpy. My lashes get separated with the equal amount of product. It's lasted me since Christmas 2011 which is great. I love Maybelline mascaras, I think they're the best in the shops. 

Maybelline Studio Drama Gel Eyeliner
This eyeliner was purchased in February, 2012. This was the first gel eyeliner I tried. I got really drawn in when the advert came on and I knew I had to try it! At first, I thought £7 was a bit ridiculous but looking back it was a decent purchase. It's lasted me ages and defines the eyes perfectly. I also use this everyday too!

Chit Chat Juicy Lipstick
Chubby stick dupe! For £1 instead of £16 I think this is a brilliant bargain. The color is so so so deep *look in my Blog profile picture* and really makes my lips bold. I love how it applies, smooth and creamy. This is the first one I bought and for Christmas I got the whole 6 collection! I seriously love them and they give me the amazing amount of color with a moisturizing bonus!

MUA Black Liquid Eyeliner
This is my everyday eyeliner. I seriously love the fine tip and how it creates a perfect cat eye. Because of the wand, it's perfect to get to the lashline and doesnt smudge.

MUA Lipstick
This color is RED! It's really smooth and moisturizing but very bold at the same time! I love how I can create a lipline with this too.

Nail PolishesThese shades are ones that I think were worth purchasing and ones that I haven't nessacarily worn 24/7 but ones that I love in my collection.

NYC High-Line Green
I can't explain how much I love this! It applies well and takes ages to chip. I've only worn it a few times but it will be a NOTW soon!

NYC Oh-Soho-Sweet
After ages of looking for the perfect nude shade, I finally found it! It's very light and basically unseen but it's great for school or for college if you need a nail polish but one that's not neon ha ha!

NYC Lights Camera Glitter
I love NYC. I really want to collect more nail polishes and I really hope to! This is the perfect glitter that I was looking for, for ages too because of the big particles. It doesn't go gloopy either so it stays smooth for days!

LA Color Fuji Purple
I love this and as you all know, I love LA colors nail polish. Every trip to London I pick up a few and this one was one of the nicest! I love all the LA color, colors but this one is such a classic hot pink. I don't really like hot pinks but this one is an acception!

I'm unsure of this shade but I bought it from Westfields. I was looking for a navy blue for ages and this is such a thick, matte, navy blue. It doesn't chip for ages and I want to check out more of the KIKO shades. 


Lovely Mint Story - Treaclemoon
I always see the Treaclemoon products in Tesco and I'm really into these types of bubble bath/ shower gels. They're a lot like I Love.. products and I think they're great on the purse. I love this mint one as it's really fresh and always reminds me of Winter! It's lasted me a long time, probably because I have so much to use up!

Primark Spring Blossom Candle
This candle got me really into candles! I love this smell, its very overpowering when you smell it but when lit, it's subtle. I love jar candles and at a small price, this is great for an everyday candle because you can light it everyday without repurchasing at a high price. I only paid £1 so I will repurchase!

I hope you enjoyed this post and sorry if I've been a little repetitive..
What are your 2012 favorites?
Comment them or leave your blog post link below!

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