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Bath Collection | Whats In My Bath/Body Box?

Hey lovelies

I've been wanting to do a post like this for ages, and this has been waiting to be done in ages too! (If that made sense!). I posted my Youtube video up yesterday showing you my Bath/Body collection and I hope you all enjoyed! I always do matching blog posts to my Youtube videos so here is a few pictures of what I have in my collection. 
Please note that the pictures were taken outside because the daylight is a bit non existent at the moment so this was an opportunity to get a few quick snaps, sorry if the photos are a bit bad but its the best I could do! I also froze my fingers off trying to do this so I hope its okay!

I wont go massively into detail about them giving full reviews but I will tell you what I like/dislike, if I would buy again and a rate out of 10. Ill also tell you a little bit about what i think but if you do want a review then please feel free to tweet or ask me questions on ask fm and ill happily reply and tell you when I'll be doing a review.

 Soap and Glory collection; 
I really enjoy using soap and glory. I love the scent and I really like the way they stick to 'what it says on the tin'. Most of the things I've purchased are great and the prices are at a good level where you can buy some with 'pocket money' or if you've saved up to buy. I do actually have a video and blog post soon with my Soap and Glory best and worst, so I'll go into detail then, but as you can see by the photos, these are the Soap and Glory items I own so far, this will probably soon change as I need to get a bigger collection!
I like these, I would buy more S&G products again, rate out of 10 would have to be 10/10 or 9/10 on some products.

 Tesco 'Wake Up' Range
I own all of these, apart from 2 scents. I will pick up the other 2 scents when im next in store. I do like the scent of these shower gel's but I dont use them all the time. I've used each scent about twice and they're great for mornings or just as a 'go-to' quick fix product, but I wouldnt say they're a luxury item or something really enjoyable to use. I really do like them and the scents are really citrus, they're £1.10 and the 'Original source' ones are only £1 the last time I looked, so maybe I wouldnt buy them again and I would try Original source items.
I like them, I would try some more shower gels then come back to these another time, 8/10.

 Possibility range
I got these last Christmas as a stocking filler type present. I always wanted the 'Philosophy' range but they're just soooo expensive! They're like £26 for the exact same thing! Mum saw these in Savers and I got them at Christmas. I really like the Raspberry Pavlova one, its really scented and I still need to try the recipe out! The ginger snap cookie one really isnt scented so for £1 I would just get the red one and forget the brown color one.
I think theyre okayish, I would buy the red one again and I give it 7.5/10

 Jergens Extra Moisture and Cellulite cream
I got these as a freebie offline. When I recieved them I was really made up just because they were full sized and I always saw them in Supermarkets and things, I actually wanted to see what they were like. I got them and I was sooooo dissapointed! They didnt do anything! I dont have any cellulite.. I dont think.. but the Extra Moisture one was completely useless! I dont quite know what the prices are so you might have to check that out online, but I think theyre £2.50/£3 +. I wouldnt waste my money!
I didnt like them, I wouldnt buy again, I give it 4/10.

 Skinology face scrub and Face wash
Useless. Dont like the scrub and the face wash makes me sooo oily! Really dislike. These were £1 each from Wilko and I would NOT buy again. The scrub is overly gentle and if you have really bad blackheads this wouldnt do anything to help your skin out. Id rather save my £1 than waste it on products that dont do what they say. 
Didnt like, Wouldnt buy again.. 4/10

 Baylis and Harding
I have these in the Mandarin scent and the Rasperry leaf scent. I really enjoyed using these, Im near to the end of the pink one and I've finished the yellow one, so you'll see an empties! exclusive!
These smell so lovely and foam up really nice aswell. They have different scents that arnt overpowering but they leave the scent on your skin after the bath/shower anyway.

Loved using these, its a shame they're nearly/are empty! Would buy again, if I find it! 10/10

So I hoped you enjoyed my mini reviews and my collection! I dont do any 'Collection' type posts or videos so it was fun to do this, although it took me centuries to get everything out and back in the box, lol! If you would like to see the 'Bath Box' I use and what i keep everything in, please visit here - ( Click me! ) -this picture I linked is NOT mine, I'm just using it as an example-.
The box cost me £60 a few years back, it came with some S&G items which made me want to start a collection! 

What bath things do you own? Any Faves? Dislikes?
..Leave them below!

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