Friday, 2 November 2012

Autumn Inspired Look!

 Hey Lovelies!
So on my Youtube yesterday I created this look. Im sorry the camera was a bit wonky here & there but that was my first tutorial and I really wanted to do one, so the next thing I'll practise is my camera skills..
I thought it would be good to upload the pictures onto here etc, so you can have a really detailed look or whatever.
So Ill list the products I used and how I easily did the look! Hope you all enjoyed it, I was so nervous haha.

  • I thought all the colors used were great for autumn, I love shimmery browns and matte black eyeliner and im getting the hang of the 'winged look' now too!
  • Grey or white looks great in the inner corner of your eye as it makes them look slightly wider.
  • I used two eyeliners, MUA for the thinner line which is on the inner corner and then the Beauty Base one which has a slightly thicker wand for creating a double line, which leads outward for the wing.
  • I used the cats eyes mascara as it makes the lashes un-clumpy and has the perfect wand.
  • For the base, I used Maybelline Tattoo in On-And-Bronzed. This is great solo or great to build up.
  • For the grey color, you can use anything but I used the 'Zero Gravity' quad by Beauty Base - LA color.
  • For the outer part of my eye, I used the Rimmel Eyeshadows from savers. I used 103 Rock Star.
So yeah.. I hope that this look was a good enough one for my first tutorial. Im quite confident now, I've planned my next one, I just hope its not too bad! Haha!
Lots of love..

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