Thursday, 29 November 2012

NOTW | Black & White Ombre!

Hey lovelies

So my last post was a nail post too, but since Saturday I've done my nails  again. I did something quite new, that was pretty popular this year; Ombre.
Last year 'Crackle' was a good trend for nails, I only bought 1 crackle polish because I wasnt into the trend sooo much, I liked it but it wasnt something I'd rush to the shops to buy. Then this year, glitter has been quite popular, and recently, really recently, the 'electric' or 'magnet' type polishes are popular.. and yes, they're on my Christmas list!

But the trend that I've really liked is Ombre! I was planning on getting my hair 'Ombre-d' but I didnt really want to dye it again, I really miss my natural hair, although its getting there.. anyway.. clothes, hair, nails etc have been following the Ombre hype and this is the first time I've actually tried doing it. I always thought it would be a bit difficult, but its not.. it just takes quite a while to make it look neat and not gloopy and doesnt chip quick.

To do this I chose 2 colors and a top coat to make it shine! I really like these two colors together (metallic navy and white). The dark color looks shimmery black, maybe a hint of blue, its hard to decide! I didnt use any 'branded' nail polishes, I just used one I got out of a gift set type thing last Christmas.

Ill do a step by step of how I created them, I hope I explain easy enough..

 Apply a clear coat first;  
I'm sure you all have one in your nail polish collection! This isnt essential, just helps the polish to glide along and not stain the nails if you're using wintery colors like I am! If not, skip this step, its purely up to you!

 Apply your first color; 
So this for me was the navy blue color, apply it as you normally would paint your nails and wait for them to dry.

 Get yourself a sponge applicator; 
These can be bought in packs of mini ones for £1, they dont cost a lot! If not, you can use a sponge that you would apply foundation or concealer with. 

 Using the applicator; 
Using the eyemakeup sponge use another color to do the ombre. In my design, I used white. First, paint the color onto the tip of the nail.. dont be neat, it doesnt matter! Then, using the sponge, dab the color in. If the color fades, add a bit more to the sponge and keep dabbing. Its quite hard to explain, but just do it until your happy and it looks a little bit like I did!

 How should it look?
Try and get it so the tip is quite bold and the parts going downwards toward the cuticle are quite faded..this is ombre!

 Using the clear coat;
When everything is dry, make sure its not going to smudge. Then, apply your clear coat, just to make sure everything will stay in place. 

I tried to make this as simple and easy as I could, I'm rubbish at explaining things so I hope this helped. I might make a video of it in the New Year or something, my video schedual is crammed at the moment, so any extra videos (unless urgent) will be in March, haha!

What colors are you going to try?

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