Tuesday, 27 November 2012

Nails Inc Review | Glamour Glitter

Hey lovelies

Ahhh, Monday again! ..well, Tuesday now! I'm after midnight blogging haha! 
I mentioned a few days back, well, a week! That I purchased Glamour magazine. I purchased it purely for the freebie, but I did purchase it for the magazine too, just for you Cheryl! 
I think its a great magazine and the nail polish is brill too. So, I'm going to give you a review!

At first, I didnt quite think it was worth buying it and I didnt think it was worth the £11 mark in stores. Then I realised that the glitter polish 'Glamour glitter' was the Glamour magazine exclusive, so this one isnt available in shops wheras the other 3 colors (navy,red and nude) are.

I really like the small-ish particles. Please note that I added NYC 'lights-camera-glitter- with this, for the blue/pink larger particles, but the golden color smaller particles are used with the Nails Inc polish.
I used 2 coats of the Nails Inc polish because it adds a heavier layer of glitter, but if you wanted sparse glitter, this would be perfect!
In the bottle it looks very bright and gold but really, its not like that at all. Its simplistic over any nail polish shade, personally, I think black looks best! But then, this is YOUR choice.

I've tried a few glitter polishes before, all being simple drug store brands like LA Color and Barry M. These have been great for the odd Pound or two, but I have realised why this one is different.. because it leaves my nails smooth! Normally when I use glitter polishes, they feel quite rough on the nails, even though they are sparse particles AND use a clear coat underneathe! The Barry M one does this a lot! 

I'm now happy with my selection of what freebie I should have chose, I was a bit disheartened that I didnt get the red or navy one, but I suppose this one is a one off with the magazine! 
Its also great for the Christmas party season!

I hope this review wasnt extremely loooong, but I just wanted to give an ok review as I hardly do them anymore!

Lots of love,
hope you all had a good weekend,

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