Monday, 19 November 2012

Glamour Magazine | Freebie | Nails Inc

Hey lovelies

As you ALL must know, Nails Inc were doing a freebie in Glamour Magazine UK this month! (November issue) and is it me or have ALL the Youtubers and Bloggers been going crazy over this freebie?! I think its a good freebie, purely because Nails Inc doesnt quite 'tickle my fancy' and to get a free one before Christmas is great, just to decide if I would actually buy this for myself for a whole price of £11.
I dont think I would pay £11 for Nails Inc, I have two other nail polishes from them, they were also free with Fabulous magazine a while back. 
They had an option of Red, Black, Glitter and a nude color. The other colors were nice but I thought this one stood out the most. 
I wasnt actually going to get the Glamour magazine with the nail polish because I dont really collect magazines (although I have now told myself I'm going to collect Glamour mag) but after visiting ASDA very early on Saturday morning to get some christmas goodies, I thought why not, and picked it up.
I havent actually read the magazine yet, or tried out the nail polish, so I will be having a read tomorrow or the next day and sometime this week I will be trying out the nail polish with a NOTW post.
The glitter looks really pretty BUT on other people's blogs it looks very sparse glitter. This is why I wouldnt pay £11 because its sparse glitter whereas the £3 Barry M glitter and the £2 NYC glitter arnt sparse, they're very big particles. 
I'll have to try this to properly review it, but all I know is that is gold glitter and they're sparse, I'll paint them soon and keep you updated with a proper review!
Ill post the review sometime this week because this magazine wont last forever because its monthly.

Have you all bought this? What one did you buy?

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