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Tag | Why Do You Wear Makeup

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Hey lovelies
I like doing these tag videos/blog posts because they're quick and simple but they let you guys get to know me a bit more with some questions. I do a lot of them, a few too many maybe but I enjoy doing them and I hope you do too! 
So as normal, Ill answer the questions to the tag, just like I did in my video to the tag which got a few dislikes :-( but you can view here ;

♥ When Did You Begin Loving Makeup;
I began loving makeup in Primary school. I never used to be girly, I always used to wear scruffy clothes with no interest in makeup! I used to love Barbies and dressing up and dolls etc, but I had no interest in Makeup. I used to love all the pretty colors in eyeshadow sets and stuff but I never used to apply them! In primary school I had 3 bestfriends who loved makeup and they always used to get their sister to apply their makeup and stuff, I didnt! Then in Year6 I always wore mascara, maybe because I wanted to be cool, haha. Then in year 7 I used to wear more. I didnt know how to apply it properly haha, it used to be so smudged! Im glad I didnt wear it when I was younger though.

♥ How do you feel without makeup;
Just..normal? I dont feel any different! At home i feel normal with or without, I dont mind wearing none although I dont like going out without any because I like to feel my best and look presentable.

♥ What do you like about makeup;
I like how you can make friends, chat about it, blog, youtube! So many options, its a great hobby. It can get you a really good job too, I'd love to be a makeup artist.

 Three holy grail items;
Eyeliner/mascara. I only have 2!

I hope you enjoyed this tag and leave your comments below telling me your answers, I'd love to know!

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