Friday, 30 November 2012

November Round Up!

Hey lovelies

So its December 1st tomorrow! This year has gone so fast and its been okay, not that exciting but I've been to London alot so I suppose thats what makes me happiest.
Anyway, its not even Dec 1 yet and I'm rambling about the year, thats for New Years Eve haha!
I've seen people do this post alot tonight so its my turn, haha.

I've done quite a bit this month, November&December is jam packed so thats what I enjoy, I hate being stuck at home bored. 

♥ November 4th - 
This seems like SO long ago.. On November 4th we had a bonfire night type thing in the garden, we had marshmallows and chocolate and me&dad did some BBQ'ing! Unfortunately we ran out of coal so we had to cook in doors! 

November 5th - 
Best day of November! We went to London to see Oxford Street 2012 lights switch on and I saw Leona, Robbie Williams and Lawson! All amazing and such a great day, I started to get Christmassy but I've lost it a bit now haha. 

♥ November 5th
The christmas lights on Debenhams! London looks so pretty in the winter!

 November 20 -
The autumn leaves! Me&Dad took the dog for a walk and I took my camera along, I got some really lovely pictures of the autumn leaves and the berries on bushes, I love Autumn, but its a lot like Spring.. it goes SO fast!

♥ November 20 - 
I saw a squirrel! Such a cute little thing! It heard the dog and jumped through the tree haha, best picture I've taken I think!

♥ November 24 -
Me and Dad made homemade Chinese and had it for his birthday, it was so nice!

♥ November 29 - 
We went to Town last night to see the Christmas lights, we saw the tree! Peterborough isnt the best place, but I love the decorations this year, they've slightly changed!

♥ November 29 - 
Same theme, last nights lights, THE COCA COLA TRUCK! Haha, I cant believe I saw it! Its so cool, its exactly like the one from the telly! We all got some free coke too!

♥ November 29 - 
Towns lights.. so as November has gone and December 1 starts in 15 minutes, the tree goes up today! 

I need to get Christmassy soon, I dont know why I'm not this year but I suppose it will happen nearer the time! I also have my birthday the day after so I always have something extra to look forward to.
Happy December, I hope you all have a great month and celebrate the festivities in style.
I also hope you've had a brilliant November and celebrated Bonfire night in the best way!

                                         Did you all go to Oxford street lights?



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