Thursday, 11 July 2013

How I'd Style Sandals

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Hi girls. I hope you're all enjoying the sun if you're from the UK!
To fit in with the hot weather, I've decided to do another 'Style some sandals' post. I know I did one a few days ago but I came across this beautiful dress and I know what sandals I'd style it with!

The dress is absolutely gorgeous. It's a Celeb Boutique dress - I love looking at Celeb Boutique's website every now and then, obviously I've never made a purchase because I'm not that luxurious but, a good peek at the website every now and then doesn't hurt!

I couldn't find a single dress picture but I the model in the picture is full of prettyness anyway, so it doesn't matter!
I love the embellishments on the dress and sandals. I think they go well together and soon as I saw them both, I knew they'd work well together. Maxi style dresses need sandals so I think these go well perfectly.

For jewlerry I had no idea. I didn't want a necklace because the dress embellishment is enough so I decided to go with plain, hooped earrings from Rover Island. For makeup, this golden, baked style, eyeshadow from Fashionista @ Superdrug looks fab!

All in all, I think this a pretty simple outfit for the summer months  weeks!
I hope you all like it, remember to leave your comments below! 

Lots of love xo

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