Sunday, 26 January 2014

How I'd Style | A Snood

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Another post for you tonight, I'm styling a snood from Topshop. I love the knit of this snood, I love the neutral colour too. I love these colors for winter, Spring also suits them very well.

I was having a browse on Next's website and came across this lovely coat. I thought it would go great with the neutral colours and is a good price for a good quality coat - £80. *link*
I also saw this jumper from Next, I thought it was really cute for winter and has intricate design. *link*

These trousers from Topshop look lovely, I've seen a lot of people wearing these style trousers and thought they'd break up the plain white a bit. 
For makeup, typical me, I had to add a lipstick! I love the nude shade of this a lot so I thought it would go great.



  1. I LOVE snoods! They're also super comfy and are available everywhere!

    Sharlotte // Sharlotte

    1. Primark have SUCH a big collection at cheap prices too! x

  2. Hello sweetie not seen you for ages,nice blog i hope u can follow me back as started mine again now thanks xxxxx

    1. Ah I know! I don't do Youtube anymore I much prefer blogging! I'll definitely follow back! xxxxxxxxxxx


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