Thursday, 5 September 2013

September Wishlist

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As all the bloggers say 'woah, didn't this month roll round fast!' we all say it and I truly think August went fast. I feel like August went fast because it's the transition between Summer to Autumn. I feel like Autumn didn't really go into Autumn as fast as last year which was handy - I love Autumn though!

I love this months wishlist and I've finally started shopping each week, getting bits and bobs that I love. No more waiting till the end of the month to pick something up that I want!
I feel like most of the things from this months wishlist will be purchased - I love them all.

Benefit Lipstick | I really want to start trying Benefit things. This one's on sale on their website and it looks really nice. Not too sure what shade I want yet, but the reviews look great.

Bourjois Bronzer | I seriously need this. I swatch it everytime in Boots and it looks great when I test it. I'd love to use this and it's not even that pricey, a definite purchase!

Rihanna Nude Perfume | Following my Perfume Shop interview, I've been scouring the net for perfumes galore. I really want to try this one by Rihanna as I've considered the reviews... I might have to test it first, ha!

Loreal True Match | I've been trying a few foundations out lately, so I'd love to try this one.

New Look Gilet | I love the look of this for the colder/rainier days, I've been looking at coats quite a bit and deciding which ones I'd love to wear.

Cheryl Loreal Lipstick | For some reason, I've only just considered buying this. It's a very old lippie, but I love Cheryl and Loreal so I need to get this in my makeup bag asap!

What items are you lusting over in September?
Any Autumn things on the lookout?


  1. I have the bronzing chocolate powder its really good smells lovely!
    On my night out post thats what I wore check it out :)

  2. Hey lovely,

    Loreal True Match I think is a great foundation. My staple is Estee Lauder, but I started using True Match about 10 years ago at uni, and to this day can't fault it.

    As for Benefit...I was really naughty yesterday and bought the Porefessional and Double The Real mascara. John Lewis were doing an offer so you get two mascaras for the price for one, although the free one is dinky! Hopefully will be doing a post on them in the next week, I always hear rave reviews about there products.

    Lots of love

    Nahid Aley at

    1. I'm definitely going to try that! Off I go to John Lewis.. ha! x

  3. absolutely loooooove that fragrance, got it at home ♥

    1. I now work at The Perfume Shop and I smell it everyday - I love it! xx


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