Saturday, 13 April 2013

Monthly Wishlist | April

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Hello everyone! Wishlist time!
I usually do these on the 5th of the month but I didn't schedule this in time and wondered why it didn't post! ha!

This month, I was quite unsure of what i wanted. I was quite unsure of what to add and I didnt really know what to put on my list. I had to internet look for quite a while to see what things I wanted to try. I've managed to come up with my usual six and they're a small range of things.

I think my favourite thing on the list has to be the NEXT bracelets, eyeshadows or nail polish. I decided to put a pastel yellow nail polish on my list because I've wanted one for ages and it's one of the pastel colours that I don't have! I love lilac and mint green as you know but I don't have a pastel yellow and I really want one and I want to try some Butter London polishes too, I always see them in TKmaxx.

I really like the Next bracelets because they're rose gold and they're really simple for spring/summer and I think they'll look nice with any outfits. I like the city embellishments too!

The MUA baked trio's look amazing! They're new and I didn't know these were out but I saw them on the website and I decided straight away that I loved them. They do 2 other sets and I might just collect them all!

MUA are also doing 'power pout' lip crayons. You all know about the Chit Chat crayons as I mention them all the time. These look similar and so does the shade range. I hope to collect them all!

Then other things I need are a new foundation so I want to try the Nearly Naked one by Rimmel and I need to get myself the blue elvive because lately my scalp has been SO flaky and I hate it! I like Elvive so I should like this.

Revlon Nearly Naked Foundation | £8.99 | Superdrug /
Butter London Nail Polish in shade Jasper | £9.50 | 
Elvive Anti Dandruff | Superdrug /
Eye Trio in Emotions | £3 | / Superdrug 
Power Pout | £3 | / Superdrug
Next bracelets | £12 | / Next
I hope you all enjoyed this post! Speak to you all on Tuesday! xo


  1. Like your wish list :) come and see me and If you want we can follow each other :)


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