Wednesday, 5 June 2013

June Wishlist

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H&M TROUSERS - BLUE - £7.99 (was £15)

Hi there pretties!
It's finally 'hump day' so pay day and Friday will soon be here! Ha!
So, talking of Pay day I'm sharing with you my June Wishlist today. June .. June .. JUNE, ALREADY?! Where has this year gone, I can't even believe it - this time last year I was thinking of starting a blog and here I am, rambling away!

I'm really happy with my wishlist this month and I really hope to get the products from it. I have a good amount and a good variety of things so I'm going to tell you about them!

H&M Trousers | £7.99 | Blue
I really love these - lots and lots, haha. I featured these in a recent how to style post and I just come across them on the internet while I was trying to find trousers to go with the top I was styling. I haven't been on the lookout for any of these type trousers but I really love the pattern and the way they look and I can imagine styling them on myself so I really want them. The price tag isn't too bad either girls!

Maybelline Colour Show | £2.99 | Go Go Green
Recently, I've been in love with green shades like this. I love my Barry M one and I love my OPI one which is so so so similar. I absolutely love these and ever since the advert popped on the TV I've been wanting them. I love the bottle, matter of fact and I actually thought these wouldn't be so cheap. I thought they would be around £7/8... I can't believe they're Barry M price aha, it's baffled me for some reason! They have a great colour selection and I can't wait to try! This is a guaranteed purchase.

Maybelline Colour Show | £2.99 | Polka Dots
I also have my eye on a second colour! I love the polka effect for nails and most of them (Illamasqua for example) are way expensive so I'm definately going to try this one.

Maybelline Mascara | £5.99 | Mega Plush
I've been seeing this on Tumblr for around 2 years. I knew instantly it was in America and not the UK because of the bottle shape - Maybelline UK has a pointed top while US has a flat top. I loved the look of the packaging instantly and years back - I wished we had it in the UK. Now, we finally do and it has a cheap intro price at £5.99 so I'll definately be trying. Yes, there are mixed reviews but i really want to try for myself!

Kate Moss Lipstick | £5.49 | Rimmel
I finally got round to trying one of these lipsticks the other week and it's the red packaging, shade 101. I love it and I NEED more! I came across this shade on the internet this morning so I need to get my booty down to Boots! Beautiful shade and it's a shade I don't have yet. A pretty peach shade - lovely!

Taylor Swift, Enchanted Wonderstruck | £19.99
Not much to say about this but I always have a little list of perfumes I want and remember them during Christmas/Birthday time just so I manage to get one! On my list right now is this one because I tried the sample and mm, I LOVE the scent of this! I'm not a hardcore Taylor fan but this perfume is lovely - I'll probably wait until Christmas though, haha..

Hope you enjoyed this post! I'll chat to you all in 2 days time when my next post will be my empties!

Have you tried any of these? 
What did you think?

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