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March Wishlist | 2013

march wishlist (for my blog)

Wednesday again, finally..
I was meant to do this wishlist yesterday because I do it every 5th of the month, but I posted my Sigma code instead so I'm sorry about that.

These wishlists seem to come round SO fast and before I know it, I'm collaging away and looking for things I want..not need!
I like todays post because I think this is my best wishlist so far, sounds crazy but it looks good.. haha! *dizzy moment*

I have quite a few more products than I usually do, just because I got carried away and couldn't wait till next month to show you. All of these things are actually reasonably priced and when I get round to doing some shopping, I hope to get them.. and although I've said that in every post so far - I know I should get one thing off this wishlist, purely because I don't sh about the apocalips to the mother!

Textured Dress | | £19.95
I fell in love as soon as I saw this! I saw this for the same price in New Look in around November time and it's perfect! I love the whole black and white trend at the moment and this is beautiful! Skater/shift dresses are me and I love them. This is absolutely perfect because the flower detail has a textured, felt type feel to it.. love, love, love this! So much!

Rimmel Apocalips | Boots 
Not sure how much these are.. not bothered! I really want to try some of these and I knew quite some time ago these would be released and now everyone's on the bandwagon! I love the look of them and I love the reviews. I really wanted to build up a nude lip collection as I don't have any and the nude shade in this looks perfect! I really want to try some of the pink shades too! 

Sleek Blusher; Sahara| Superdrug | £4.49
For the price of Sleek, I'm surprised I haven't tried any products. I've never tried any Sleek based items and I'd love to. I plan to!
I'd love to try Nars' Laguna bronzer. Everyone raves and raves and raves about it but I just don't have the bank balance! The packaging of this looks slightly Nars dupe as does the shade.. I may be wrong but going on first impressions I really want to try it. The price is brill too, and everyone loves Sleek so I'm a bit behind!

Sleek Eyeliner; Dazzling Black | Superdrug | £5.99
I love eyeliners. Nearly everyday I wear one. I love how they make my eyes look. I've always been an eyeliner girl and I used to wear it excessively.. most days now, I'm practicing a new look with no eyeliner. Although I wear it everyday, I'm still looking for a perfect eyeliner that defines, doesn't smudge and lasts a long that also creates a neat, thin line. I heard someone on Youtube mention this a few days ago and it looks great and the price is pretty good if I don't get along with it. Another Sleek product that I need to try! 

Mesh Playsuit | | £29
I don't want this particular one.. I want a dupe! I love the idea of playsuits and after many years of wanting one, I haven't even got one! I love how pretty they are and the idea of pairing them with sandles and stuff and I feel like these over jumpsuits are much better, because of my height. I love the mesh design and mesh designs are becoming more of a trend for spring now - I've seen them on loads of dresses! This is really pretty. 

MAC Viva Glam 2 | MAC | £14
Why do so many people hate this?
I know the shade looks SCARY but I really want this so I can blend it with some pinks and some lipglosses.. I have many ideas for this and I absolutely LOVE the shade! I love Viva Glam 1 and I really want this one. Next time im in London I have actually been promised this so I think I'm going to get it. I love the shade and the more the merrier for charity!

OPI Do You Lilac It? | OPI | £11
I love OPI nail polishes now. I've become obsessed. I love their color range and this  one is b-e-a-utiful! I love lilacs and this one is just the prettiest! I love lilacs for spring and I think I need to unlove my Barry M one now - it's becoming a repetitive one on here! I'm definately going to be getting this, the shade goes well with the lipstick, too!

I hope you all enjoyed this post, don't forget to leave your wishlist links in the comments and I'll check them out! My next post is February Empties so if you're not already, follow me for a follow back so you can keep up with my every 2 day posts! 

Lots of love, Zofia x 


  1. Hi! Found your blog on Beautylish. I'm now following you! :)

  2. Ah cool! Following you too!


  3. Great wishlist! Love everything, especially the dress! :) XO


  4. I really want to try the Rimmel Apocalips too, I've heard such good things about them :) Fab wish list! x

  5. Thank you!<3

    followed you!xo

  6. Great post, love that OPI colour! Any lilac nail varnish I adore! Wish it wasn't so pricey! Just to let you know I have nominated you for the Liebster award :) All details are at this post :


  7. Lilac is such a pretty color, perfect for this time of year!

    Thankyou ever so much, I'll re-do the post on my blog in afew days time! Thaaaanks!<3



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