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Thursday, 27 September 2012

DIY: Mini Bath Bombs/Fizzers!

So today is the day I sort my sleep pattern out! Ive been sleeping at 7/8am every morning and waking up at 5pm.. its driving me mad and ive abandoned my blog/youtube because of it!
So today I thought "Hm, I want to do a few blog posts and a youtube video, what can I do?" Then, I remembered that I needed to show you how I make bath bombs/fizzers! I make these all the time and they make pretty gifts and they're sooooo easy to make! So I'll do a step-by-step guide on what I did, and explain how to make them and what I used.

  • Things You Need!
-Citric Acid. 
-Sodium Bicarbonate.  

  • How To Make!
-First, make sure you have a lot of room. 
-Get yourself a beaker&teaspoon. These are all you need really. If you dont have a beaker, a spare container is perfect! 
-Then, apply two spoons of everything, stir that and blend and then add 1 spoon of the citric acid and blend.
-After that, add 5 drops of the should fizz!
-You want the mix to be pasty but not toooo thick.
-Then apply some coloring. Any color is up to you and any flavoring is up to you! Dont go mad, add a reasonable amount of drops because too much will change the consistency. 
-Mix well!
-After, mix into a paste and add into a mould. Any round mould will do, unless you want shapes! A small cookie cutter could be good to use.
-Leave in a hot place for a while, or a nice room temp. 
-Enjoy and watch them fizz in the bath!

Saturday, 22 September 2012

10 Day Beauty Challenge; Eight Dislikes.

Hiya guyssss. 
So second post of today, I need to do this!
..Eight dislikes was a hard/easy one, but I scoured my room to see what things I hardly use!

  • 1O Day Beauty Challenge; Eight Dislikes
  1. Skinology Tea Treet Face Scrub: Now, I hardly use face scrubs or ANYTHING apart from cleanser and obviously makeup on my face. Simple reason is, Im really oily without loose powder and face products make me SO oily! I tried this out because I saw it in my bath/beauty box and thought I should try it out because it smelt lovely. I remember getting this from Wilkinson for £1 and I got the face wash with it too, for also £1. So, I applied it and it wasnt even like a scrub. Nothing like the Soap&Glory one I have, so I washed it off straight away.. pointless if you ask me! Ill use it up, not to waste but wouldnt bother getting it again.. made my face really oily and the only thing I liked was the scent. Rubbish!
  2. MUA Green Eyeliner; Pointless. I wouldnt use this anytime or anywhere for anything, only for Halloween, which I dont even bother with anyway. I dont like the MUA eyeliners so the green color doesnt help. Ill have to think of something to do with it.. 
  3. Impulse: Popstar; Im sad about this. I LOVE body sprays. Quick, simple scent. This one is pure letdown. I smelt this the first time and bought it because it was really nice. After using it a few times, its really strong and heavy scented, with no nice scent.. It smells really cheap so, I dont like it.
  4. Soap&Glory; Sexy Mother Pucker: Dont like it. Never have! Its gloopy, sticky, thick etc. I hate the tingling thing it does, its really horrible! I had no choice over this and didnt actually buy it, it came in the £60 boxset. Hardly used it..
  5. MUA Eyebrow pencil in BLONDE; Cant get along with this. Its not even my color -oops!- It runs out SO quick and doesnt stay sharp, it looks like you've colored in your eyebrows.. dont like it. 
  6. MUA Green glitter eyeliner; Dont like it, dont need it. Its not even strong anyway, its hardly glittery! Its just like water. 
  7. No7 nail polish; Never liked this. Its one of them boring hot pink colors anyway, I have too many of these. I dont like the brush and the actual polish is really gloopy.

Lots of love..

Friday, 21 September 2012

10 Day Beauty Challenge; Seven Polishes.

Hey Guys! I can only but apologize for not being here for 2/3 weeks. My camera battery ran out and ive been a bit  forgetful to actually get them. In all honesty, there hasnt been much to post anyway, only a few things that ive got to show you now. Ill be posting from now on anyway, I bought lots of batteries today!
So Day7 of this is; 7 Nail polishes. Didnt really know what to do for this one, so I decided to do my fave brand and my collection on that brand? This is the largest collection I have of a brand, so it HAD to be these! I LOVE BarryM anyway so..!
  • Day Seven; Seven Nail Polishes.
So this is my fave brand and my collection of them. My fave color in my collection has to be the last one on the right. Its a lilac color and its so pretty. I wear this quite often and it doesnt chip until 4/5 days.
In order L-R these are the shade numbers;
-296 CORAL
The one I dislike most probably is the pink one. I have a lot of colors like this, its boring. 
They all apply so well so I love Barry M and for the price - £2.99 - you really cant go wrong! ..and they last ages!

Lots of love..

Thursday, 6 September 2012

1O Day Beauty Challenge; Day Five.

September 5! Today is 5 tips. This is quite hard, but quite easy because Im just going on what I know and what tips I use. I dont really go by beauty tips or whatever, I just go day to day on what works best. Im not a pro and im certainly not amazing at makeup application. But, I love it so.. ill try!

  • Day Five: Five Tips.
  1. Okay so.. first one!
    Simple! I always use this tip. Its the most easiest/boring tip. Always apply dark eyes with feint lips or heavy, vampy lips with light eye makeup. This way, you dont look overdone/drag queen. 
  2. Next one.
    Always match your blush with lip color. I never do this, but its a really good tip! Always use the right formula for blush though, depending on skin. ( Powder is typically best for oily and combo skin. Cream is great for dry skin. Liquid and gel are great for oily skin.). 
  3. Im stuck on tips now aha! 
    Okay so.. maybe to use a good cleanser/moisturizer no matter what the cost because your skin is important and this prevents spots. Always cleanse 2/3 times a day. 
  4. If you want bigger eyes, so less narrow looking, aim for a colored eyeliner. If youre not into blues/greens, go for a grey or a slate color. Because black narrows the eyes.
  5. If you want bigger looking lips then  Grab a colorless lip balm with shimmer, and apply it to the skin just above your cupid's bow — the area below your nose and between the peaks of your top lip. Adding light to that area creates the illusion of larger lips. I dont have this problem because my lips are  quite large!
So I hope these tips were okay. Like I say, im not a pro but I hope these helped. 
Lots of love..

Tuesday, 4 September 2012

1O Day Beauty Challenge; Day Four.

September 4! Its not really been like 'September' these past few days, its been hot&sunny.. erm.. its autumn?! In summer we didnt have many hot days?! Todays post is 'four used' this is easier than the past few days as I have a few used products that have been used this week. These will appear in my next empties video and my next empties post. Writing this, I realised that I dont post my empties or favorites on here.. ooooops! Ill remember next time. 

  • Day Four: Four Used.
So these are used, I always get these from Tesco each time I go. I think they're about £1.10 and they're just the perfect everyday wipe. They're better than any branded ones in my opinion and remove my eye makeup and face makeup in about 3/4 wipes. They're actually wet, whereas some £5 ones are not even wet at all. I love them.
I always get this from shopping too, its £1 and is the perfect roll on. It keeps me fresh all day and I love the scent. I like all soft&gentle ones. 

I always get one of these when I dye my hair. I love the cheapness and Maria Fowler from TOWIE even uses this! When I dyed my hair red, this always kept the redness and didnt make it brassy. They come in brown/red and blonde. I dyed my hair brown recently so I bought one. Tesco/boots etc do them. Even if you dont dye your hair, they bring out your natural color and make it super soft. Only £1!

Omg. Amazing. Love it. -This just sums it up! I might just review this on its own because I dont want to go toooo into detail on this, but its amazing. I love how it leaves my hair smooth, soft and straightens perfectly when I use this. I used this in about 1 month and a half (sharing with mum). When I saw the advert I didnt quite believe it was 'nutri gloss' and all the good things they said about it, but really, its all true. Shame its empty, I will be buying again one day, but not too soon. 

So they're my Four Used products for todays post! 
Lots of love..

Monday, 3 September 2012

1O Day Beauty Challenge; Day Three.

So.. Day Three already! This one is 'Three Unused' hm.. hard one! Hardly any of the products I own are unused because as soon as I buy something, I use it! I have a few recently bought things that are unused, but these have featured on a haul! So I had to scour my room and makeup/body/bath boxes just to find an unused item! ..well..three..
  • Day Three: Three Unused.

Okay so this was SOSOSOSO difficult! I have hardly any unused things, like I said before so I didnt know what to choose. As you know, I havent used the white glittery nail polish in 'Sassy Sparkle' because I bought this the other day and havent done a NOTW yeah. All I could think of! Then, I havent used this lipgloss from MUA in shade 5 before, its been stuck on my shelf and I need to use it because its such an unpigmented pinky shade with glitter in, so that needs using! Then I havent used this green eye dust from MUA because I didnt choose it, my friend and me went to town in Year7 and then I had silly color phases so she bought me it.. I dont go for REALLY neon eye colors so I might mix this with another dazzle dust or eyeshadow and see if I can tone the color down. Im sure its a beautiful color. All of these - £1.

Lots of love..

1O Day Beauty Challenge; Day Two.

Hey guys! I havent done Day2 yesterday, Ill do Day3/Day2 tonight, I've been sooooooo busy and stuff but, Im sure you guys dont mind! So I'm going to get on with Day2 and today is 'Two Accessories', this is a bit of a boring one because I dont have mega amounts of accessories, I just have loads of earrings aha.

  • Day Two; Two Accessories.
I didnt know if this meant 'two faves' or etc so I'll just post two of the accessories I've been wearing a lot recently.
Ive been wearing this Superdrug necklace a lot recently because it goes well with Autumn colors and dark colors. Its pretty and simple and I love it! It was only £5 reduced to £2 so I had to buy it for a small price aha. Sorry these are a bit boring but I dont really collect a lot of accessories and I take it by 'accessories' you mean jewelerry
Ive been wearing these a lot. I love them because they're my first Forever21 jewelerry purchase. I love the pretty design and how they were only £3.99. I wore them today and they suit a lot of jewelerry that I already have. 

So thats about it guys, bit of a boring post but I want to complete this 1O day challenge thing so yeah..

Lots of love..

Sunday, 2 September 2012

1O Day Beauty Challenge; Day One.

Okay so I saw this on I decided that, it would be a good thing for me to do, seeing as I dont update this blog everyday (im likely to forget) and this will give me a post a day to do, for 1O days. Ill probably be stuck for ideas most days but today (Saturday September O1) I will be starting DayO1, until September1O.

  • Day One; One Favorite.
Okay so this was actually a really hard one! I decided that, this is my favorite because it makes my nails super shiny and lasts ages. Its a beautiful color and its sososo cheap. I love the brush and it applies really weall and really easily. Its good with 2 coats for thickness but perfect with just one coat if you have short nails. Ive reviewed this once before so im just going to add pictures and yeah.. this is my Day One favorite!

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