Thursday, 27 September 2012

DIY: Mini Bath Bombs/Fizzers!

So today is the day I sort my sleep pattern out! Ive been sleeping at 7/8am every morning and waking up at 5pm.. its driving me mad and ive abandoned my blog/youtube because of it!
So today I thought "Hm, I want to do a few blog posts and a youtube video, what can I do?" Then, I remembered that I needed to show you how I make bath bombs/fizzers! I make these all the time and they make pretty gifts and they're sooooo easy to make! So I'll do a step-by-step guide on what I did, and explain how to make them and what I used.

  • Things You Need!
-Citric Acid. 
-Sodium Bicarbonate.  

  • How To Make!
-First, make sure you have a lot of room. 
-Get yourself a beaker&teaspoon. These are all you need really. If you dont have a beaker, a spare container is perfect! 
-Then, apply two spoons of everything, stir that and blend and then add 1 spoon of the citric acid and blend.
-After that, add 5 drops of the should fizz!
-You want the mix to be pasty but not toooo thick.
-Then apply some coloring. Any color is up to you and any flavoring is up to you! Dont go mad, add a reasonable amount of drops because too much will change the consistency. 
-Mix well!
-After, mix into a paste and add into a mould. Any round mould will do, unless you want shapes! A small cookie cutter could be good to use.
-Leave in a hot place for a while, or a nice room temp. 
-Enjoy and watch them fizz in the bath!

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