Tuesday, 4 September 2012

1O Day Beauty Challenge; Day Four.

September 4! Its not really been like 'September' these past few days, its been hot&sunny.. erm.. its autumn?! In summer we didnt have many hot days?! Todays post is 'four used' this is easier than the past few days as I have a few used products that have been used this week. These will appear in my next empties video and my next empties post. Writing this, I realised that I dont post my empties or favorites on here.. ooooops! Ill remember next time. 

  • Day Four: Four Used.
So these are used, I always get these from Tesco each time I go. I think they're about £1.10 and they're just the perfect everyday wipe. They're better than any branded ones in my opinion and remove my eye makeup and face makeup in about 3/4 wipes. They're actually wet, whereas some £5 ones are not even wet at all. I love them.
I always get this from shopping too, its £1 and is the perfect roll on. It keeps me fresh all day and I love the scent. I like all soft&gentle ones. 

I always get one of these when I dye my hair. I love the cheapness and Maria Fowler from TOWIE even uses this! When I dyed my hair red, this always kept the redness and didnt make it brassy. They come in brown/red and blonde. I dyed my hair brown recently so I bought one. Tesco/boots etc do them. Even if you dont dye your hair, they bring out your natural color and make it super soft. Only £1!

Omg. Amazing. Love it. -This just sums it up! I might just review this on its own because I dont want to go toooo into detail on this, but its amazing. I love how it leaves my hair smooth, soft and straightens perfectly when I use this. I used this in about 1 month and a half (sharing with mum). When I saw the advert I didnt quite believe it was 'nutri gloss' and all the good things they said about it, but really, its all true. Shame its empty, I will be buying again one day, but not too soon. 

So they're my Four Used products for todays post! 
Lots of love..

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