Saturday, 22 September 2012

10 Day Beauty Challenge; Eight Dislikes.

Hiya guyssss. 
So second post of today, I need to do this!
..Eight dislikes was a hard/easy one, but I scoured my room to see what things I hardly use!

  • 1O Day Beauty Challenge; Eight Dislikes
  1. Skinology Tea Treet Face Scrub: Now, I hardly use face scrubs or ANYTHING apart from cleanser and obviously makeup on my face. Simple reason is, Im really oily without loose powder and face products make me SO oily! I tried this out because I saw it in my bath/beauty box and thought I should try it out because it smelt lovely. I remember getting this from Wilkinson for £1 and I got the face wash with it too, for also £1. So, I applied it and it wasnt even like a scrub. Nothing like the Soap&Glory one I have, so I washed it off straight away.. pointless if you ask me! Ill use it up, not to waste but wouldnt bother getting it again.. made my face really oily and the only thing I liked was the scent. Rubbish!
  2. MUA Green Eyeliner; Pointless. I wouldnt use this anytime or anywhere for anything, only for Halloween, which I dont even bother with anyway. I dont like the MUA eyeliners so the green color doesnt help. Ill have to think of something to do with it.. 
  3. Impulse: Popstar; Im sad about this. I LOVE body sprays. Quick, simple scent. This one is pure letdown. I smelt this the first time and bought it because it was really nice. After using it a few times, its really strong and heavy scented, with no nice scent.. It smells really cheap so, I dont like it.
  4. Soap&Glory; Sexy Mother Pucker: Dont like it. Never have! Its gloopy, sticky, thick etc. I hate the tingling thing it does, its really horrible! I had no choice over this and didnt actually buy it, it came in the £60 boxset. Hardly used it..
  5. MUA Eyebrow pencil in BLONDE; Cant get along with this. Its not even my color -oops!- It runs out SO quick and doesnt stay sharp, it looks like you've colored in your eyebrows.. dont like it. 
  6. MUA Green glitter eyeliner; Dont like it, dont need it. Its not even strong anyway, its hardly glittery! Its just like water. 
  7. No7 nail polish; Never liked this. Its one of them boring hot pink colors anyway, I have too many of these. I dont like the brush and the actual polish is really gloopy.

Lots of love..

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