Friday, 21 September 2012

10 Day Beauty Challenge; Seven Polishes.

Hey Guys! I can only but apologize for not being here for 2/3 weeks. My camera battery ran out and ive been a bit  forgetful to actually get them. In all honesty, there hasnt been much to post anyway, only a few things that ive got to show you now. Ill be posting from now on anyway, I bought lots of batteries today!
So Day7 of this is; 7 Nail polishes. Didnt really know what to do for this one, so I decided to do my fave brand and my collection on that brand? This is the largest collection I have of a brand, so it HAD to be these! I LOVE BarryM anyway so..!
  • Day Seven; Seven Nail Polishes.
So this is my fave brand and my collection of them. My fave color in my collection has to be the last one on the right. Its a lilac color and its so pretty. I wear this quite often and it doesnt chip until 4/5 days.
In order L-R these are the shade numbers;
-296 CORAL
The one I dislike most probably is the pink one. I have a lot of colors like this, its boring. 
They all apply so well so I love Barry M and for the price - £2.99 - you really cant go wrong! ..and they last ages!

Lots of love..

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