Monday, 15 October 2012

My Week In Photos!

Happy Monday lovelies! xo
So its Monday and I've decided to do this 'My Week In Photo's' set of posts each Sunday/Monday and let you know all what boring events I've been doing during the week! I'm forever instagramming so I thought doing a small set of the best posts would be cooool!

  • Sunday - Okay so on Sunday I Took the dog on a little walk. The leaves were all out, looking pretty! i love Autumn/winter.. best time of the year! I then got home and made and ate a Roast Dinner! part of a Sunday!
  • Monday - So Monday was quite okay! I made some jewelry for my Etsy shop ( and then I made some lovely peri peri Quorn chicken! mmm!
  • Tuesday - I looked through the Boots Xmas catalogue, I need to start deciding on 2013's makeup goodies that I want! (dont worry, I'll do a haul!;) 
  • Wednesday - Then, Wednesday I did some Halloween inspired nails. I'm doing a separate blog post on them, and might do something on Youtube about them too, bare with me! Lots of posts coming this week!
  • Thursday - I didnt do much on Thursday I dont think.. so I put a picture of me up of what I looked like on Thursday, lol!
  • Friday - I walked the dog to a place near me.. Autumny! 
  • Saturday - I woke up to this beautiful color tree in next doors garden!
Do you have any plans this week?:-)
Lots of love..

Sunday, 7 October 2012


   Hiya lovelies!
So I thought I would just inform you all that I now have a shop! Its online with Etsy and I do all handmade jewelry. I'm going to start making new things to put on there, maybe some body/bath items, but for now I hope you guys all like the effort I've made to it and I hope you like the items I'm selling! I would MUCH appriciate it if you could have a cheeky look round?!
Lots of love..

Thursday, 4 October 2012

My Nails Of The Week!

Hey Lovelies!

So I thought I would go back to my normal posts of 'Nails Of The Week!'. I havent done these in ages because I went on a blog/youtube break AND I didnt paint my nails for a while because they become so dry..dont ask me, I have no idea!
So this week on my nails is Ciate 'Wait Until Dark' and LA color 'Treasure Island'. 
Ciate costs £8 but this one was £1.50 in my local shop! I did a post a while ago on this. The LA Color one was £1 in Westfield; Beauty Base. 
The Ciate one is really nice and has a different color but its a bit drying and really made my mum's nails in bad condition. I like the shade but if I was to buy a Ciate polish I would'nt opt for this color, just because its not really me. I LOVE the LA color one though! Such a pretty sparkly color! 
Hope you like them!

Tuesday, 2 October 2012

10 Day Beauty Challenge; Day Ten!

  • Day Ten; Ten Secrets.
So this might be quite hard! Im going to be honest so they're kinda like confessions? Enjoy!
  1. Most of the time, I forget to take my makeup off. Foundation, eyemakeup.. the lot! I dont actually care about this! I might sound a bit weird but I dont mind because the next day I cleanse a lot and clean my face properly. I dont wakeup with spots or anything, I have really good skin. It just doesnt bother me. 
  2. I dont have any 'high end' makeup apart from 1 MAC lipstick. I AM buying some soon, I'm improving haha.
  3. Im not amazing at applying makeup. Im not useless because I wouldnt have opened a blog and Youtube account.. but I wouldnt be able to be a makeup artist right now, just because EVERYONE needs improving on their skill! But its the one thing that I'm good at, im not good at much else!
  4. I dont have a biiiiiiiiiiig collection but its pretty good! I buy quite a bit of stuff but ive only recently bought a big collection of brushes.
  5. I only have a few eyeshadows bought from a shop.. all the others are gift sets (but they're amazing!)
...enough secrets now! I dont have anymore but the ones I said are quite.. lol.. I hope you enjoyed!

Lots of love..

Saturday, 29 September 2012

1O Day Challenge; Day Nine.

So, I'm finally back to blogging daily or recently, not every 2 weeks haha!
I need to finish this and its day 9, which is nine likes.
This was an easy one to do, I like a lot of things! 
  • Day Nine; Nine Likes.
I like this because its not extra heavy on the face, it looks good with loose powder
and its the perfect color for my skin. My color is 'nude'. This has lasted me since December.
The only thing thats bad is that the pump doesnt work.. but thats my fault!

It looks really thick but its lightweight once on. It looks really dark/orange but it
really matches your skin when you apply it. It also applies good via a brush or hands.

Youtube/you guys KNOW I love this! I cant apply my foundation without it!
Its only £2 but makes my skin feel so smooth and soft without that dewy finish
when I apply this. I dont like a dewy look and I have oily skin, but this is perfect.
The only bad thing? Im running out!

I found this in my local Poundland. Its abour £7 in Boots but I payed £1. I love the brush,
it makes my lashes thick&long but not overly clumpy. Its my everyday mascara now!
It was also my first mascara that I ever bought!

My fave perfume ever! Okay it was only £10.. but, I dont mind if it gets used, because
I can easily pay just £10 to get another one. It smells so so so lovely and
I've hardly used a lot anyway! I got this at Christmas 2011 so it always
reminds me of Christmas! aw.

Everyday essential! I go through stages of loving/hating this. When this is used up
I might try the MUA one, because this one is okay but it smudges.
I could apply this on waterline and top lash line at 9am, then, by 10.30am
my waterline would have a feint line, not as thick as I'd apply it.
Also, the outer corners of my eye, smudge so bad that I get a big black blob there..
Maybe its just my eye but its so annoying! I like the brush it comes with though.

It lasts a long time too! It gets a bit messy haha!

From Savers! I love savers, I also love this bronzer!
I use it all the time, not just summer. I dont really apply blusher because
It doesnt really look right on me.. unless I buy an expensive one but I never
really buy or fuss about blushers.

I love mosaics! This is quite shimmery but doesnt show on the cheeks.

My first ever MAC lipstick! 100% honest though.. I dont see the obsession with MAC.
To be honest, I've used it once and its ok, I like the color but I dont use it everyday.
I will buy more MAC but I wouldnt rush out to buy it. I like the Nicki one though.

It says its a satin finish BUT I actually thought it was matte because
its really drying.

Lots of love..

Friday, 28 September 2012

Step-By-Step ; How I Did My Bath Bombs!

  1. Get all your things together. You need Sodium Bicarb, Cornstarch, Citric Acid, Glycerin,  
  2. You need all your tools like a spoon and something to pack the mix into the mould.
  3. You then need to get coloring's and flavorings. I use blue and red which comes out pink
    if you add a small amount. Using two colors you can make many colors 'cause they're basic.
  4. Use a picnic/plastic spoon or teaspoon. 

  1. Use the spoon to determine the amount you add into your beaker. 
  2. Add the sodium first. 
  3. Im going on measurements to make one bath bomb, so, add 1 spoon
    of the sodium, this will be enough. Its a very thick powder, a lot like flour.

  1. On top of the sodium in the same beaker, add the cornstarch (one spoon). This is the same  consistency of the sodium, but yellow not white.
  2. Use the spoon to mix together, the texture makes me cringe! 
  3. This all blends together, but you wont see a reaction yet!

  1. Then, add 1 spoon of the citric acid.
  2. This is a crystal, hard, product but not a powder. 
  3. Dont add too much, it will ruin it. 
  4. Mix this all in.

  1. This is what it looks like!

  1. Then, add 5 drops of the glycerin! 
  2. Only add 5 at the start because if its too mushy it wont set and
    if its too hard it'll crumble..not as easy as it looks!

  1. Mix this all together, this is what it should look like if you
    make it okay and how the instructions are set.

  1. Add flavorings and coloring's now. 
  2. It will start to fizz as it mixes with the glycerin and powders.
  3. I love this color!

  1. This is a bit toooo mushy, i added a slight extra spoon of the citric acid.
  2. But, it may set ok.

  1. Add them to the moulds.
  2. It kept rising haha!
  3. You can use cookie cutters to mould them into shapes
    if you dont have anything round like this.

  1. Mine kept rising and pouring out the moulds, yours wont!

  1. Makes a slight mess so use an empty space!
  2. This comes off easily though, dont worry!

  1. In the end, you will have something like this.
  2. Dont push or hold them too tight because they will crumble.
  3. If they do crumble, put them in a dish and they will work in the bath still.
  4. They smell really nice too, they work as a pretty gift!
I hope you enjoyed this and this was a response to my video on making them, because you might prefer reading instructions than watching them:)

Lots of love...

Thursday, 27 September 2012

DIY: Mini Bath Bombs/Fizzers!

So today is the day I sort my sleep pattern out! Ive been sleeping at 7/8am every morning and waking up at 5pm.. its driving me mad and ive abandoned my blog/youtube because of it!
So today I thought "Hm, I want to do a few blog posts and a youtube video, what can I do?" Then, I remembered that I needed to show you how I make bath bombs/fizzers! I make these all the time and they make pretty gifts and they're sooooo easy to make! So I'll do a step-by-step guide on what I did, and explain how to make them and what I used.

  • Things You Need!
-Citric Acid. 
-Sodium Bicarbonate.  

  • How To Make!
-First, make sure you have a lot of room. 
-Get yourself a beaker&teaspoon. These are all you need really. If you dont have a beaker, a spare container is perfect! 
-Then, apply two spoons of everything, stir that and blend and then add 1 spoon of the citric acid and blend.
-After that, add 5 drops of the should fizz!
-You want the mix to be pasty but not toooo thick.
-Then apply some coloring. Any color is up to you and any flavoring is up to you! Dont go mad, add a reasonable amount of drops because too much will change the consistency. 
-Mix well!
-After, mix into a paste and add into a mould. Any round mould will do, unless you want shapes! A small cookie cutter could be good to use.
-Leave in a hot place for a while, or a nice room temp. 
-Enjoy and watch them fizz in the bath!

Saturday, 22 September 2012

..Another Bargain!

Last post of today you lovely lot!
..Best bargain I've ever bought! Couldnt believe it!
I went into my local shop last week, just to pick up some milk and they had a shelf full of things they were getting rid of. I saw these bottles and they're so recognizable, I knew they were Ciate straight away! If im right, these are £9 each.. i got them for £1.50! These were from the Marie Curie magazine from a few months back, now I have them for a small amount! So happy, been wanting Ciate for ages! 
My Fair Lady and Wait Until Dark are the colors and Mum is wearing Wait Until Dark at the moment and its not as purple as it looks, its like a misty purple/brown with shimmer. I need to try My Fair Lady!
So happy with these and they apply really nice and quickly!

Lots of love..

What A Bargain!

I finally found this mascara again! Around 4/5 years ago, I bought this. It was my first mascara I think. I loved it, the brush, everything! It created volume easily and easily comes off. 
I havent seen it on the Collection 2000 stands in ages but the other day in Poundland.. I found it! 
When I bought this it cost £6.. I saved £5! 
Juts thought I'd show you , I love it and its a bargain! Perfect for thick, false looking lashes.

10 Day Beauty Challenge; Eight Dislikes.

Hiya guyssss. 
So second post of today, I need to do this!
..Eight dislikes was a hard/easy one, but I scoured my room to see what things I hardly use!

  • 1O Day Beauty Challenge; Eight Dislikes
  1. Skinology Tea Treet Face Scrub: Now, I hardly use face scrubs or ANYTHING apart from cleanser and obviously makeup on my face. Simple reason is, Im really oily without loose powder and face products make me SO oily! I tried this out because I saw it in my bath/beauty box and thought I should try it out because it smelt lovely. I remember getting this from Wilkinson for £1 and I got the face wash with it too, for also £1. So, I applied it and it wasnt even like a scrub. Nothing like the Soap&Glory one I have, so I washed it off straight away.. pointless if you ask me! Ill use it up, not to waste but wouldnt bother getting it again.. made my face really oily and the only thing I liked was the scent. Rubbish!
  2. MUA Green Eyeliner; Pointless. I wouldnt use this anytime or anywhere for anything, only for Halloween, which I dont even bother with anyway. I dont like the MUA eyeliners so the green color doesnt help. Ill have to think of something to do with it.. 
  3. Impulse: Popstar; Im sad about this. I LOVE body sprays. Quick, simple scent. This one is pure letdown. I smelt this the first time and bought it because it was really nice. After using it a few times, its really strong and heavy scented, with no nice scent.. It smells really cheap so, I dont like it.
  4. Soap&Glory; Sexy Mother Pucker: Dont like it. Never have! Its gloopy, sticky, thick etc. I hate the tingling thing it does, its really horrible! I had no choice over this and didnt actually buy it, it came in the £60 boxset. Hardly used it..
  5. MUA Eyebrow pencil in BLONDE; Cant get along with this. Its not even my color -oops!- It runs out SO quick and doesnt stay sharp, it looks like you've colored in your eyebrows.. dont like it. 
  6. MUA Green glitter eyeliner; Dont like it, dont need it. Its not even strong anyway, its hardly glittery! Its just like water. 
  7. No7 nail polish; Never liked this. Its one of them boring hot pink colors anyway, I have too many of these. I dont like the brush and the actual polish is really gloopy.

Lots of love..

Friday, 21 September 2012

10 Day Beauty Challenge; Seven Polishes.

Hey Guys! I can only but apologize for not being here for 2/3 weeks. My camera battery ran out and ive been a bit  forgetful to actually get them. In all honesty, there hasnt been much to post anyway, only a few things that ive got to show you now. Ill be posting from now on anyway, I bought lots of batteries today!
So Day7 of this is; 7 Nail polishes. Didnt really know what to do for this one, so I decided to do my fave brand and my collection on that brand? This is the largest collection I have of a brand, so it HAD to be these! I LOVE BarryM anyway so..!
  • Day Seven; Seven Nail Polishes.
So this is my fave brand and my collection of them. My fave color in my collection has to be the last one on the right. Its a lilac color and its so pretty. I wear this quite often and it doesnt chip until 4/5 days.
In order L-R these are the shade numbers;
-296 CORAL
The one I dislike most probably is the pink one. I have a lot of colors like this, its boring. 
They all apply so well so I love Barry M and for the price - £2.99 - you really cant go wrong! ..and they last ages!

Lots of love..

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