Friday, 28 September 2012

Step-By-Step ; How I Did My Bath Bombs!

  1. Get all your things together. You need Sodium Bicarb, Cornstarch, Citric Acid, Glycerin,  
  2. You need all your tools like a spoon and something to pack the mix into the mould.
  3. You then need to get coloring's and flavorings. I use blue and red which comes out pink
    if you add a small amount. Using two colors you can make many colors 'cause they're basic.
  4. Use a picnic/plastic spoon or teaspoon. 

  1. Use the spoon to determine the amount you add into your beaker. 
  2. Add the sodium first. 
  3. Im going on measurements to make one bath bomb, so, add 1 spoon
    of the sodium, this will be enough. Its a very thick powder, a lot like flour.

  1. On top of the sodium in the same beaker, add the cornstarch (one spoon). This is the same  consistency of the sodium, but yellow not white.
  2. Use the spoon to mix together, the texture makes me cringe! 
  3. This all blends together, but you wont see a reaction yet!

  1. Then, add 1 spoon of the citric acid.
  2. This is a crystal, hard, product but not a powder. 
  3. Dont add too much, it will ruin it. 
  4. Mix this all in.

  1. This is what it looks like!

  1. Then, add 5 drops of the glycerin! 
  2. Only add 5 at the start because if its too mushy it wont set and
    if its too hard it'll crumble..not as easy as it looks!

  1. Mix this all together, this is what it should look like if you
    make it okay and how the instructions are set.

  1. Add flavorings and coloring's now. 
  2. It will start to fizz as it mixes with the glycerin and powders.
  3. I love this color!

  1. This is a bit toooo mushy, i added a slight extra spoon of the citric acid.
  2. But, it may set ok.

  1. Add them to the moulds.
  2. It kept rising haha!
  3. You can use cookie cutters to mould them into shapes
    if you dont have anything round like this.

  1. Mine kept rising and pouring out the moulds, yours wont!

  1. Makes a slight mess so use an empty space!
  2. This comes off easily though, dont worry!

  1. In the end, you will have something like this.
  2. Dont push or hold them too tight because they will crumble.
  3. If they do crumble, put them in a dish and they will work in the bath still.
  4. They smell really nice too, they work as a pretty gift!
I hope you enjoyed this and this was a response to my video on making them, because you might prefer reading instructions than watching them:)

Lots of love...

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