Thursday, 4 October 2012

My Nails Of The Week!

Hey Lovelies!

So I thought I would go back to my normal posts of 'Nails Of The Week!'. I havent done these in ages because I went on a blog/youtube break AND I didnt paint my nails for a while because they become so dry..dont ask me, I have no idea!
So this week on my nails is Ciate 'Wait Until Dark' and LA color 'Treasure Island'. 
Ciate costs £8 but this one was £1.50 in my local shop! I did a post a while ago on this. The LA Color one was £1 in Westfield; Beauty Base. 
The Ciate one is really nice and has a different color but its a bit drying and really made my mum's nails in bad condition. I like the shade but if I was to buy a Ciate polish I would'nt opt for this color, just because its not really me. I LOVE the LA color one though! Such a pretty sparkly color! 
Hope you like them!

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