Tuesday, 2 October 2012

10 Day Beauty Challenge; Day Ten!

  • Day Ten; Ten Secrets.
So this might be quite hard! Im going to be honest so they're kinda like confessions? Enjoy!
  1. Most of the time, I forget to take my makeup off. Foundation, eyemakeup.. the lot! I dont actually care about this! I might sound a bit weird but I dont mind because the next day I cleanse a lot and clean my face properly. I dont wakeup with spots or anything, I have really good skin. It just doesnt bother me. 
  2. I dont have any 'high end' makeup apart from 1 MAC lipstick. I AM buying some soon, I'm improving haha.
  3. Im not amazing at applying makeup. Im not useless because I wouldnt have opened a blog and Youtube account.. but I wouldnt be able to be a makeup artist right now, just because EVERYONE needs improving on their skill! But its the one thing that I'm good at, im not good at much else!
  4. I dont have a biiiiiiiiiiig collection but its pretty good! I buy quite a bit of stuff but ive only recently bought a big collection of brushes.
  5. I only have a few eyeshadows bought from a shop.. all the others are gift sets (but they're amazing!)
...enough secrets now! I dont have anymore but the ones I said are quite.. lol.. I hope you enjoyed!

Lots of love..

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