Monday, 15 October 2012

My Week In Photos!

Happy Monday lovelies! xo
So its Monday and I've decided to do this 'My Week In Photo's' set of posts each Sunday/Monday and let you know all what boring events I've been doing during the week! I'm forever instagramming so I thought doing a small set of the best posts would be cooool!

  • Sunday - Okay so on Sunday I Took the dog on a little walk. The leaves were all out, looking pretty! i love Autumn/winter.. best time of the year! I then got home and made and ate a Roast Dinner! part of a Sunday!
  • Monday - So Monday was quite okay! I made some jewelry for my Etsy shop ( and then I made some lovely peri peri Quorn chicken! mmm!
  • Tuesday - I looked through the Boots Xmas catalogue, I need to start deciding on 2013's makeup goodies that I want! (dont worry, I'll do a haul!;) 
  • Wednesday - Then, Wednesday I did some Halloween inspired nails. I'm doing a separate blog post on them, and might do something on Youtube about them too, bare with me! Lots of posts coming this week!
  • Thursday - I didnt do much on Thursday I dont think.. so I put a picture of me up of what I looked like on Thursday, lol!
  • Friday - I walked the dog to a place near me.. Autumny! 
  • Saturday - I woke up to this beautiful color tree in next doors garden!
Do you have any plans this week?:-)
Lots of love..

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