Saturday, 29 September 2012

1O Day Challenge; Day Nine.

So, I'm finally back to blogging daily or recently, not every 2 weeks haha!
I need to finish this and its day 9, which is nine likes.
This was an easy one to do, I like a lot of things! 
  • Day Nine; Nine Likes.
I like this because its not extra heavy on the face, it looks good with loose powder
and its the perfect color for my skin. My color is 'nude'. This has lasted me since December.
The only thing thats bad is that the pump doesnt work.. but thats my fault!

It looks really thick but its lightweight once on. It looks really dark/orange but it
really matches your skin when you apply it. It also applies good via a brush or hands.

Youtube/you guys KNOW I love this! I cant apply my foundation without it!
Its only £2 but makes my skin feel so smooth and soft without that dewy finish
when I apply this. I dont like a dewy look and I have oily skin, but this is perfect.
The only bad thing? Im running out!

I found this in my local Poundland. Its abour £7 in Boots but I payed £1. I love the brush,
it makes my lashes thick&long but not overly clumpy. Its my everyday mascara now!
It was also my first mascara that I ever bought!

My fave perfume ever! Okay it was only £10.. but, I dont mind if it gets used, because
I can easily pay just £10 to get another one. It smells so so so lovely and
I've hardly used a lot anyway! I got this at Christmas 2011 so it always
reminds me of Christmas! aw.

Everyday essential! I go through stages of loving/hating this. When this is used up
I might try the MUA one, because this one is okay but it smudges.
I could apply this on waterline and top lash line at 9am, then, by 10.30am
my waterline would have a feint line, not as thick as I'd apply it.
Also, the outer corners of my eye, smudge so bad that I get a big black blob there..
Maybe its just my eye but its so annoying! I like the brush it comes with though.

It lasts a long time too! It gets a bit messy haha!

From Savers! I love savers, I also love this bronzer!
I use it all the time, not just summer. I dont really apply blusher because
It doesnt really look right on me.. unless I buy an expensive one but I never
really buy or fuss about blushers.

I love mosaics! This is quite shimmery but doesnt show on the cheeks.

My first ever MAC lipstick! 100% honest though.. I dont see the obsession with MAC.
To be honest, I've used it once and its ok, I like the color but I dont use it everyday.
I will buy more MAC but I wouldnt rush out to buy it. I like the Nicki one though.

It says its a satin finish BUT I actually thought it was matte because
its really drying.

Lots of love..

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