Tuesday, 23 October 2012

Halloween Week! ..Nails For Halloween!

Hey Lovelies!
So for Halloween, the scary and dark colors are the main part! Its great if your nails fit in too! I know that they're not the main part of your costume or your outfit or the day/night/party, but they add that extra touch!
Red, blue, green, purple, black, white.. they're all great colors for Halloween and simple to buy!
I think its a good idea if you buy some cheap nail polishes if they're not your everyday colors or you wont use them again.. MUA do a good range, and they're cheap! But if you're not going to use them again..MAC is a silly idea, so I just used my spare nail polishes.
Nail art pens are good for Halloween, they're an essential for nail art.. they're pretty cheap to buy from Argos in big sets. 
I'm not very arty but I came up with some good ideas!
  • Glittery nails are great for Halloween! Its dark at Halloween parties and treat or treat, so its nice to add some sparkle!
  • Spiders webs are obviously essential! Its the whole part of Halloween! You could do red&black for a Spiderman theme or black&white for the basic theme.
  • Tree's are a bit of a different design, and I didnt think I'd be able to do them as good as well as I did! Purple and black is a pretty design, you can switch up the color though!
  • Pumpkin's are a good design, they're pretty easy, you just have to be careful with the nail art pen!
  • Cats are also a good but different design, I risked messing them up haha!
So I hope you liked the pictures and designs! I'd love it if you attempted them, you can always send me a picture or something, I'd love to see them! 
Happy Halloween..

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