Saturday, 27 October 2012

Halloween Week! ..Lipsticks For Halloween.

Hey lovelies!
So its still Halloween week and this is the lips section!
I thought it would be good to add to the previous posts I've done this week and add lips to the little collection! 
So Its Halloween week and the next post is for 'Halloween Lips'!
Lips arnt overly important but they will add a lot of color to the face! Oranges, Reds, Blacks etc are all perfect for the lips.
If you arnt going as something scary, I have the PERFECT pink for a fairy or cat look!
  • The chit chat one is hard to explain. Its not really red but its a bit of a pink shade..
  • The orange lipgloss is from Primark. I dont normally wear this because the taste/smell is awful, its like washing up liquid. But its not overly bright and is good for '3D lips'. Its about £1!
  • Lipstick shade 13 is great from MUA. Its bold, bright and quite smooth, slightly matte. Great for a cat face!
  • 210 from Rimmel 'coral in gold' is great! Goes well with the orange lipgloss, and if built up it can be bright.
  • Red lipliner is essential!
  • Purple or berry colors are pretty
I hope you like these! 
Happy Halloween..

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