Sunday, 28 October 2012

My Week In Photo's

Hey Lovelies!
So its Sunday again and I havent done much this week, to be honest. I've still managed to cram some photo's in for this week's 'My Week In Photos' but I've been so bored! 
Although I've had nothing to do, I have noticed the cold weather and winter/autumn'ness haha! -if thats a word-.

  • On Monday I saw this beautiful sunset. Recently I've been noticing the sunsets a lot often, we actually get them now, we never used to? The sky always looks so pretty and I always manage to take a picture! -I must have about 25 in my laptop haha!-
  • On Tuesday I recreated this cat look for Youtube, its been posted today so remember to check it out! -the post will be posted tomorrow-. It was pretty easy and good fun to do!
  • On Wednesday I did my nails, I didnt do a post on these because I didnt use a new nail polish or whatever. I know, I know.. I havent done a 'Nails Of The Week' in ages! -I cant buy nail polish at the moment, Christmas is coming!-
  • On Thursday I went out to walk the dog during the day and I wore my new jacket. Its from New Look - £35 and is just amazing. Its so warm and you really get into the Winter spirit with a fur jacket! Its faux, ofcourse!
  • On Friday I went out into the Garden to observe the mess, in Winter the garden always looks a tip! I did notice these beautiful leaves though, isnt Autumn so pretty?!
  • On Saturday my Jewelerry set came! As you all should know I have an Etsy shop and I make my own jewelerry. 
  • On Sunday, Just now! I went back outside and the leaves have changed on the grass! I wont be doing much today so there wasnt anything to post!
Hope you've all had a good weekend and all enjoy your Sunday!
What have you been doing this week?
Lots of love..

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