Thursday, 25 October 2012

Halloween Week! ..Good Eyemakeup For Halloween.

Hey lovelies..
So I thought I would post good eyemakeup brands and products for Halloween. You can use anything but I just thought I would post good ideas that voloumise and add big bold color.
You want lots of color on your eyes so here are some dazzle dusts/ eye dusts that are great for color;
  • Collection 2000's range of eye dusts. They're great for bright color but you do need to apply a lot for a matte, bold color. They're very sheer when they're applied, so you need to apply with a thick applicator, not a eye brush. Jaffa, Spellbound and Enigma are the shades and you get these from Savers. I think they're discontinued in Boots, Superdrug etc.
  • Primark dazzledusts (the small round pots) are amazing! They were £1 for all of them and I thought I would test them out.. I dont use them all the time but they add a huge 'pop of color' when you use them. 
  • MUA eye dusts. These are ok-ish but they dont apply as good as the Primark ones. They're shimmery eyeshadows in my opinion. I prefer the purple one to the green one.
  • The LA Color quad is good for a dark smoky look, its good if you want to look scary! You just have to build the color up.
  • Rimmel 'Stir It Up' is amazing! I love this and it was £1 in Savers. Its quite creamy, I love it.
Eyeliner is an essential if you're going as a cat! So MUA is great for flicks, wings and cat eye.
I love using the mascara's pictured above because the 'Cats Eye' one is great for winging eyelashes out. Primark lashes are also cheap and effective!

So I hope this was somewhat helpful! I'd love to see everyone's makeup looks for Halloween! Post below!

Happy Halloween..


  1. I'm likely to be going for the smokey eye look, with huge lashes! I've just done a post on halloween inspired outfits, if you put our posts together you get the perfect look haha!Maybe you could check it out?

    You're blog is great.

    Bethany Paige ( Xx

  2. Haha, good idea! Halloween is great for applying makeup, you dont have to go by the rules haha;)
    I checked your blog out, i followed too!


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