Sunday, 28 October 2012

Halloween Week! ..Cat Inspired Look.

Hey lovelies!
So its Halloween week and all week ive been putting up blog posts and videos of makeup thats good for Halloween.
I've put some Halloween colors to use and created an extra simple look.
I think it looks quite okay, and I'll be using this on Wednesday to answer the door!

  • So I used a dark shimmery grey for the eyeshadow. This is just out of a gift set and doesnt cost a lot so I think thats best if you're not going to use it again. I just used a fluffy brush and packed on to the lid.
  • The good thing about Halloween makeup is that you dont have to worry if things dont look right. For Halloween, things just fit into place.
  • I used the eyeliners pictured above to create a small, thick cats eye. I'm not amazing at cats eye but this looks okay!
  • Then I didnt apply eyeliner into the inner corners, I just defined the outer corners. 
  • Then I didnt use false lashes but you could if you wanted to!
  • Then for the whiskars all you need is liquid eyeliner and apply it the same as I did! This look is so easy.
  • I applied some bronzer to my non existing cheekbones.
  • I then applied shade 13 MUA lipstick which is essential for this look! You could also apply hot pink or barbie pink.
So I hope you enjoyed this inspired look!
Happy Halloween..

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