Thursday, 25 April 2013

April Favourites

Hello everyone, favourites time!
I feel like my blog is always 'faves/empties' related. I do try and fit in as many other posts as I can so I get equal posts on here. I don't want you to get bored!
I really like these items and I wear them all the time. I never really have a 'go to ' product but you'll get to know mine soon!

OPI Nail Lacquer | Did It On Them, Nicki Minaj | £11
Absolutely love this nail polish! I've been loving OPI so much recently and I say this all the time but I need more OPI's! This applied soso well and I got two compliments over on YouTube with people saying how lovely it is! I love how it's very spring like and I'll be using it a lot this summer!

Chit Chat Highlighter | Poundland | £1
I love this. I really wanted this soon as I saw it and I've never got round to getting any Benefit items before so this was the nearest thing to their highlight. I love how I can apply a small amount and it looks pretty in the summer or I can apply another layer and it doesn't look thick and overly shimmery. A definite repurchase and something I've loved using.

Mellor & Russell Instant Shine Spray | Poundland | £1
This makes my hair feel lighter than usual. It doesnt weigh my thick, 10 layer hair down and it doesnt make it greasy straight away, even though it has argan oil in. I love how inexpensive it is and I love how I can repurchase and have it as an everyday staple. It's just like a mist/lighter hairspray.. I like!

Sunkissed Bronzing Pearls | Savers | £1.99
I love these. They have the right amount of shimmer but they're not overly shimmery. My Chit Chat one is slightly too shimmery but I don't mind. I love these and use them everyday! Inexpensive too.

MUA shade 4 | Superdrug | £1
My go to lipstick! I love this! It's sheer but buildable! I love the shimmer and it's the perfect spring/summer shade. It's my go to because it goes with everything and I've used it so much! I realised that there are 13 MUA lipsticks..yet I only have two..what am I doing with my life? I could have 13 lipsticks for the price of 1 MAC!

Stila Lip Glaze in Jingle | Boots | £15 
I got these in the 'All Is Bright' set for Christmas. I've hardly used my Stila set yet but when I saw them I really liked them. I can't remember how many were in the set but £15 for the set is better than £15 for the one! I love them but they're incredibly sticky.. I don't actually mind! I like the colour range, too.

I hope you enjoyed this post, remember to comment below your faves! Lots of love x 

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