Wednesday, 3 April 2013

50 Things I Hate

I've been so silent recently. I missed last times post and I missed yesterdays post. You'll have two posts today and then back to normal tomorrow. My laptop had a virus so I wasn't able to post - apologies for that!

Todays two posts are going to be tags. I've done these on Youtube and I thought I would let fellow bloggers get to know me more too! If you've seen the YT video then yes, these 'hates' ARE exactly the same as YouTube, but I know many of you don't follow me on here AND YouTube.. so I thought I'd keep it consistent on two networks.

1. Nail polish that smudges!
2. People that can't take a joke.
3. Never feeling good enough.
4. Never being the right temperature!
5. When people think they're better than you..all the time..
6. When you buy something, get to the end of the shop and then remember you needed something else..
7. Wanting your whole wishlist and never having the money!
8. Being letdown!
9. Wasting money.
10. When people change all the time.
11. People who use you.
12. When people talk to you when they have noone else.
13. Having cold hands..then walking into a hot room..arghhhh!
14. When people hold grudges.
15. Holey socks!
16. People that say one thing and do another.
17. People that arn't honest.
18. When people have a go for nothing.
19. Going over my 1,200 a day calorie budget!
20. Food shopping on an empty stomache.
21. Going via a plan..and someone messes it up!
22. People that Interfere.
23. Metal on metal..eeeek the sound!
24. Meat.. bleuuugh.
25. Getting nail polish on my skin.
26. People that take sides.
27. The smell of meat.
28. Films..zzzzzz.
29. People that are 100% serious.
30. People that have nothing nice to say.
31. Milk..
32. Tattoos.
33. Smoking.
34. Cream!
35. When you have plans - then the weather ruins it.
36. Nights that are boring and waiting for bedtime.
37. When people interfear with the cooking... stop....
38. When people are subscribed/following you - yet they comment/dislike the video constantly..whats the point..
39. When you tell yourself you'll do something and you don't bother.
40. Greasy hair.
41. Ignorance.
42. People that are forever being sarcastic.
43. When you can't be bothered to do things.
44. School..
45. American shows.
46. When things change..
47. When people say 'im ugly. im fat.' and they're clearly not..
48. Liars.
49. Jealousy.
50. When someone says 'why didn't you do that?' and they didn't ask you to do it anyway..

Haha, I really hope you enjoyed this post! It was a moody one - but I love a rant! I wonder if we have anything in common?!

Speak soon! xo

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