Wednesday, 17 April 2013

Things I May Not Repurchase!

(first four swatches) Primark Palette | £1 | Primark
NO7 Face Primer | £11 | or Boots
Soap And Glory Scrub Your Nose In It | £7.99 | Boots
MUA Eye Primer | £1 | Superdrug Or /
MUA Pressed Powder | £1 | , Superdrug or

Hello pretties!

Today's post is based on products that I wouldn't repurchase. These products haven't been used much and if they have, I didn't like them. Some of them might feature on my Blog Sale section, so check it out if you have your eye on anything!

Primark Quad | £1 | Primark
I love the shades! I love how they're pastel coloured and I really wanted some eye shadow's like these. I've only swatched them twice and they don't seem to be very pigmented. I don't think they'd create a strong, pastel eye so I haven't bothered to use them. I might give them a go soon, if I don't like them I'll feature it on my blog sale!

No7 Face Primer | £11 | Boots /
Simple reason; I don't use primers. I don't really need them because I think loose powder mattifies my foundation so I haven't even used this! I have two and I've used the other ones once and it just doesn't agree with my skin. I'm oily skinned but this left a dry, white line on my cheeks so I didn't bother with it.

Soap And Glory, Scrub your Nose In It | £7.99 | Boots /
I really don't get on with it! I've never liked it since I had it and as much as I try and like it, It wont work! I might put this on the blog sale too, even though there's not the full amount of product, there's still enough. I think it's very thick and makes my skin even more oilier. Who likes this?

MUA Eye Primer | Superdrug /
Simple reason..I haven't used it! I used it once but didn't take notice of the results. I need to try this more but the reason why I wouldn't repurchase is because it's sitting in a draw!

MUA pressed Powder | £1 | Superdrug / 
I like loose powder now. I have one that's used up and have this one that's only been swatched. I don't like pressed powder because it absorbs the oily parts of my skin and  makes my foundation awful! *blog sale*

I hope you all enjoyed this post and it gave you a little insight into what products I hardly use! I missed Mondays post - it's a Spring Makeup Look and will be uploaded tomorrow instead or Friday! 

Hope you've all been having a good week - lots of love x 

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