Saturday, 27 April 2013

NOTW | Sally Hansen

A very spring-like NOTW this week! Feat. Mum's hands..
This week, mum was the model aha! My mum is so 'hip' and 'down with the kids' she loves me doing her nails so I decided to feat these in my NOTW this week, just because I wanted to show you the colour but I'm wearing it on my toenails not my fingernails, and there's no way my feet are coming on this blog.. lol!

This is Sally Hansen's HD polish. I'm not sure where you can get this, I got it for Christmas so I have no idea how much or where from. It's called resolution and it's a really nice polish. I think it's quite sheer, it needs two coats. It's shimmery and really nice for spring.

It does chip quite easy but I don't really mind that, I'm forever topping up anyway! I'm not really a fan of Sally Hansen, but I like this! I also have a blue one - I like this one slightly more though!

I hope you all enjoyed this weeks NOTW post! Lots of love, hope you all had a good Saturday xo

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