Tuesday, 9 April 2013

Nail Designs For Spring

Hi everyone, this post was meant to be be up at 7.30 like my other posts usually are ... but I was in the bath until 7.30 so it's slightly late!

It's just a quick one anyway, I just wanted to show you a few nail designs for spring, what patterns I thought would be good and a few designs using the colours I mentioned in a pervious post.

I'm loving gradient nails at the moment, using pastels and gold shimmer - I really like the nail look I created using 'gradient' effect. I think it looks best on longer nails, I tried it on mine but it didn't quite work 'cause they're short.

I decided to do a few floral designs seeing as Spring is floral and all the leaves and green are coming out. I decided to do a tree design and a flower in the center of the nail. I also done a dandilion because you normally see them in the spring too!

Polka dot, butterfly and chick designs are my fave because I think these came out the best!

I hope you liked this short and cheerful post, I hope you like the designs too!
If you create any spring designs or use any spring colours on your nails, please leave me a photo/link below! I'd love to see them and get some inspiration!

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