Thursday, 11 April 2013


Hello everyone, exciting NOTW today! I absolutely love how the suns meant to be appearing with HEAT this weekend.. so I decided to have a spring/summer colour to match!

I love this colour and the brand and I love how I applied this for London on Friday and near a week later, I only have a few chips! OPI do excellent polishes and they've worked well two times now so I'm made up!

I love this shade and I love how S/S it is. It's perfect for Spring and matched well with the grass in the top photo! It's such a smooth polish too and has no shimmer - which is an extra bonus.
I love the shade type it is because it's something quite different in my collection. It's quite lime/yellow green and suits my skin shade quite well too. I'm quite olive skinned so it seems to look perfect!

I hope you like this NOTW and like the shade!

Have you been applying any spring/summer shades yet, or are you waiting for a heatwave? Zofia! x

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