Thursday, 16 January 2014

2013 Favourites

Evening ladies! Sorry this post hasn't been up sooner, typical me I've been here there and everywhere..
I've finally decided to do my 2013 favourites, over the duration of last year I managed to use loads of new products and find so many everyday beauty products that I've loved. 

Lash Accelerator Endless This mascara works wonders, it doesn't make lashes clumpy or dry, it makes them longer and more natural looking if that's how you like it or build it up for volume. It's also really easy to take off.

W7 Brow Bar Brilliant! This comes everywhere with me. The shadows last all day and are brilliant on top of my Color Tattoo's. I use the pale color all over my eye then the light brown on my lid, dark brown in my crease and the black for a smoky liner. The dark brown also looks great in my brows. Perfect little quad!

Color Tattoo - On and Bronze Everyone and their dog has mentioned these little beauties and I'm not surprised - they work wonders. The price tag is great as is the product. These were my wonder for 2013 and certainly won't be left behind in 2014!

Natural Collection Shadow - Chocolate A perfect shadow for all over my lid. This eyeshadow isn't silky soft, neither is it the best you'll find on the highstreet but it works well for me and lasts all day - perfect for the price tag.

MUA Undressed Palette I've used this towards the last month or so of 2013 but it's definitely a favourite. I love the quality of the shadows and the looks you can create - it's a bargain.

Maybelline FIT Me Foundation I've used this everyday since autumn time and it hasn't let me down. My complexion ends up satin soft and it lasts quite a while on my oily skin too. Coverage is also good.

2True Bronzer, Superdrug Never thought I'd like this but I've reached for it everyday since summer. It's leaning towards an orange based bronzer more than a brown base bronzer but I like it even though. 

Kate 101 Lipstick The amount of times I've called this a 107 is unbelievably funny. It's the lighter pink shade that I've worn every single day - I will be repurchasing BUT Topshop's 'Innocent' is exactly the same.

Baby Lips Cherry Me I wasn't a lipbalm fan until these came out, now I'm obsessed! I wear this everyday under lipsticks. I HAVE to have this as a base!


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