Friday, 3 January 2014

Quick Tips For New Bloggers

Hello girls! I hope you're all having a good start to the new year.
Today I've decided to do a short post on tips for new bloggers. I'm not a new blogger anymore - this year marks 2 years of blogging goodness and even though I've been here two years there's still so many more things I need to learn and achieve. 
I'm not by any means a pro - this isn't a post saying things that I personally do but a post on things I might look for in a blog or just general tips for blog upkeep. 
When I started blogging I had no idea what I was doing - I just started and learned from there.. I did take inspiration from other blogs and grew from there so I didn't necassarily 'copy' someone's blog, I just took a few hints and tips to make my blog into what it is today. I hope these small tips help anyone in their idea for a new year hobby.

Make sure you're 100% sure on a blog title I must admit, I started out with another name. In the end I wasn't happy with it so I did change it very early on into something more catchy and something that people would remember more - if you do think of a blog title and want to change it for whatever reason please make sure you're in the early stages of blogging or you do a post prior to changing so you know that people following your blog will be able to stay with you. Nothing worse than getting confused is there ladies!

Make sure you create a blog header/logo that is recognisable Same as above really, make sure you have something that is unique, maybe a bit eyecatching and well designed... I'm not a pro at web design or anything like that, my blog's still a bit of a mess but what I always make sure to do is use fonts that are fancy but readable... use a nice, big font and always remember to make it quite large.. nothing worse than squinting!

Keep to a simple blog theme I don't think there's anything worse than popping onto a blog that has really good content but there's so many colours used. Red font, green background, neon yellow pictures... it's eyecatching - yes! But in all the wrong ways. I always like to stick to soft, pastel colours such as my baby pink theme. On other people's blogs I have seen soft purples which look pretty or even soft blues.. do whatever works for you but there's no need for a multicolour blog!

Make sure photo's are clear This is such a basic one. I don't have the BEST pictures but I'd like to think you girls can see what I'm talking about. I don't have the biggest or best camera, even an iPhone would work if you set things out nice with a basic background.

Make sure you're unique YOUR blog is YOUR own creation - obviously do tags and favourites and the typical posts but every now and then think of original ideas that you can't find on other blogs... I'm sure this will attract more readers and find more people interested in your content.

Make your blog content easy to find Use search bars, use links, use prices, use navigation down the side, blog buttons etc... so many things can be used where people can find what they want to find on your blog. Nothing worse than scrolling ladies!

Use social media Share your blog with other people. Be proud, show it off! Use things like Bloglovin for extra readers, Twitter to keep everyone updated, Facebook if you wanted something extra, Beautylish to share your blog with other bloggers... there are so many things out there to keep everyone updated. My favourite has to be Twitter for the #bbloggers chat on Wednesdays/Sundays - of which I need to actually join again now as it's the new year!

There's many more but for now, I hope these help..
What things do you use to keep your blog updated?


  1. These are all brilliant tips :) Definitely things I wish I'd have known when I first started out, its all so confusing in the beginning! x

  2. I completely agree with your 1st tip! I changed my name last year, and it was kind of stressful making sure that my bloglovin followers were transferred so I wouldn't confuse/lose contact with people! My feedburner feed was also a little screwed up, but I got everything straightened out within a couple of weeks. I'm so glad I changed it now, but I definitely should have thought about a name harder before starting.


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