Wednesday, 15 January 2014

Something I'm Loving At The Moment | Body Shop Eyeshadow | 210

Hello lovelies! Today's post is on a product that I'm really loving at the moment. 
I always pop into The Body Shop to see what offers they have on or what vouchers I can use in store and a few months back I was looking to use my 50% off voucher and decided that another body butter wasn't going to cut it - so I popped over to the makeup stand and swatched the eyeshadows. I instantly fell in love with this little beauty - it was a shade I was looking for, for months!

The shade is Cocoa Bliss (210). It's a shimmery bronze shade but doesn't sit heavily or super shimmery on the eyes.. it's a perfect lid shade I think OR you can use it in your crease with a brown shade on the lid. I love this shade as it always looks pretty with 'On and Bronze' by Maybelline as a base, a dark, deep brown in the crease and this shade on the outer corners for a pretty shimmer. 
This shadow doesn't have much drop out so you can pack it on the lid or sweep across. 

I like the pan/packaging, it's quite a small shadow but it's lasted me quite long over the months considering I use it everyday. 
The eyeshadow is very smooth and pearly - not chalky at all but easily blendable. I always use this ontop of a cream shadow and it doesn't stick ontop of it it's still easily blendable with creams.
I'd love to try more shades and see what eye looks I can create. These shadows are priced at £7 but I got mine for £3.50 with a voucher.


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