Sunday, 19 January 2014

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Hello girls, welcome to my first fragrance review!
Even though I work in a Perfume Shop I still find it hard to pin point and describe scents. I obviously know what goes into most scents and I'm good at smelling notes but sometimes I find some scents hard!

Obviously fragrance is very unique to each person so something I might find sweet you may find it fruity. 

With this fragrance, as it's a parfum it did actually last the whole day. I noticed the notes change through the day, too. I instantly smelled vanilla when I first sprayed this - definitely something I look for in a scent. Bergamont and bitter orange are the two notes you smell first - I could smell Bergamont. Top notes wear away in 5 or so minutes so I didn't smell these for long, they're quite strong at first but a few minutes in the top notes get subtler. Jasmine and Tuberose are next - I'm not sure I could identify these notes, I could still smell the top notes more. Next are Vanilla, Musk and Sandalwood which I could smell all day - my perfect scent. I love musky, vanilla scents so I loved wearing this perfume. 
I would say this perfume is perfect for day or night, I wouldn't say it's too heavy but it's noiceable. 

Starts at £32.99 for a 30ml -



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