Sunday, 27 January 2013

NOTW | Glitter, Lilac, Gold

I absolutely love lilac nails. Barry M's lilac shade is my ultimate favorite and don't think another would compare. I recently saw a post of someone using the gold glitter from Barry M which I think is quite new and wanted to purchase it myself. While I was in Savers I saw a gold glitter that looked exactly the same and it was only £1. The Barry M one was a small price of £2.99 but hey, I got a bargain!

I love thick particles of glitter as much as I love the small particles but I DON'T like the removal! So so so annoying, but worth it.
I think this lilac shade suits the gold really well and it suits the large particles well too. I love the gold glitter because you can build it up to be quite thick *which is a pain to get off* or you can apply it on bare nails just to do a light cover with no base. 

Do you like gold/lilac?
Have you been wearing glitter lately?

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