Thursday, 10 January 2013

Ideal Nail Polishes For Winter!

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I'm really into nail polishes at the moment. I have quite a collection of brands and miscellaneous nail polishes, blues to reds, greens to pinks.. but I'm really not a lover of deep dark shades - I like them but I just prefer bright, out there shades.
A while back I swatched some wintery shades on a nail wheel for you all, just to show you what nail polishes I would wear if I liked dark shades!

Most of these you've all heard before and so I'm sorry but like I say I don't really collect dark shades and this was photo'd quite a while back so I have gained a few dark un's since!
Most of these shades are the same but also affordable.

My favorite shade from this collection has to be NYC high line green or Rimmel's passion. Some of the nail polishes haven't been swatched so bear with me!
I love Passion because I'm a lover of Matte red shades but don't have enough of them! As for high line green .. I love this! I loved this ever since I bought it and it's actually the only deep green I have in my collection! I think it's a winter shade because its dark but still a fun shade.. I also think it stays on the nails for a good amount of time and the price is also a bonus!

In winter, I do prefer Matte shades. I personally think that shimmery shades are more autumn/summer colors, but whatever takes your fancy! As I've always said, I never really follow seasons or trends in certain things, I just go with whatever!
Another shade that I think is perfect for Winter is the deep red N07 shade. I'm fussy with no7 and everyone knows this! I love the shade and think vampy colors are great for this season.
An easy way to keep up with the season - Use vampy, deep shades for the perfect look.

Hope you enjoyed this post and I hope it helped you out a little!

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