Thursday, 17 January 2013

NOTW | Pauls Nails

Pauls Nails | £15.99 | or BANK stores 

Hello everyone! This is my first NOTW post in January so ofcourse, I'm using a nail polish that I acquired for Christmas! This week, I'm using Pauls Nails. If you all don't know, yes, it's Pauls Boutique. I know everyone isn't highly keen on Pauls Boutique and I'm not a major fan. I don't necessarily get Fashion items from there, although I am keen on the bags. I don't like the coats as so much - I'd never buy one! But hey, each to their own!

I got this set for Christmas; it includes a set of 3 'Pauls Nails'. I'm really keen on the set and the colors are all really nice. Purple, Gold and Pink. This is one that took my fancy and I really like the light shimmery shade. I don't have many shimmery nail polishes so this is one that I really wanted to try first. 

This is such a subtle  gold, shimmery shade that applies really smooth to the nails. I was surprised that it set so quickly and dried within 3-4 minutes. It's not a very thick polish which I quite like because it's not heavy and doesn't make me realize I have nail polish on which is a bonus, because I normally peel it off by 2 days which drives me mad! It hasn't really chipped which is obviously the biggest bonus! I also really like the brush - I have short nails (as you can tell) and I really detest when a lovely nail polish has a long brush that makes my skin painted instead of my nails! 
All in all, I think this is a brilliant polish and such a bargain at £15 for three nail polishes. I think the nail polish bottle is really simple and not tacky looking and I would definitely repurchase! 

Lots of love,

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