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Soap & Glory | Best and Worst..

 Yesterday, I posted up a video on my Soap & Glory; Best and Worst. I remember seeing someone on Youtube do this and I thought it's a great idea, seeing as I'm a small lover of Soap&Glory. I don't have a huge collection, but what I do have - I'm grateful for! My set came in the £60 box set back in 2010 and ever since then, I've loved S&G.
Some products arn't to my fancy but I still use them anyway. I'm one of these people that can't leave anything unused, I have to use it up! I never really get skin allergies so I always use products up and if I don't like them I won't buy them again.
I haven't got round to trying S&G cosmetics, I hope to soon but for now I'm a fan of the Bath&Body things. I absolutely LOVE the soap&glory smell! It's SO difficult to explain but I love it and I'm sure other people would totally agree.
I'm going to guide you through my S&G collection and tell you the things I love and not so love.

Heel Genius | Boots | £5.50

I love this! This makes my feet so smooth and soft and supple.. mm! The smell is slightly different to the other products, it's hard to explain! It's a fresh smell, not a fruity smell.. It lasts ages and you can use it really sparingly because its such a thick lotion. I'd definitely repurchase! This product is a best.

Hand Food | Boots | £5.00
This is one of my favorite S&G items but I don't use it as often. I'm not really a 'hand cream' sort of girl but I do have quite a collection that I need to use now. This was my first hand cream/moisturizer and I was impressed. I never really liked putting hand creams on just because of the stickiness they had and the time they took to dry. This one sinks in so well and the smell is gorgeous. A definite repurchase.

The righteous Butter | Boots | £10.50
I love this! It's smooth, fragrant and moisturizing! Its over the £10 mark but totally worth it. Mine has lasted me AGES and I need to use it up! Its so rich and lovely and mm.. totally re purchasable and if you're stuck for choice over a moisturizer, pick this one!


Scrub your nose in it | Boots | £7.50
I don't use this a lot. I am at the moment just so I can use it up and carry on with my Elemis facial scrub. It gives me a few spots and redness on my cheeks so I try and avoid this. Obviously, this came in a set so I had no choice on buying or not but I wouldn't repurchase just because it doesn't suit me - this doesn't mean it wont suit you! The smell is very fresh and minty and this is one thing I like about it. I also like that it's a thick paste type scrub, nothing like the small grained Elemis one.

Girligo | Boots | £6.50
Since doing this post, I've used this a bit more. I saw on someones blog the idea they use this for and I really like it. I have used it as it's meant to be used and it's a good product. Someone mentioned how they spray their bedsheets and pillows with this.. tried it! Love it! The smell of S&G is lovely so I liked doing this. Although, I wouldn't repurchase.

Breakfast Scrub | Boots | £9.50

This is a lovely smelling product but I don't have a use for it! I'm not a scrub type of girl really so I just don't use this but I can see why people like it - I just don't use it. 

Flake Away | Boots | £7.00
The same reason as above! I'm not a scrub type of girl, but it's an okay product!

I hope this post was a tiny bit helpful for any S&G products you want to try or if you're building up a collection. I think these were the first few S&G products as they were bought 2 years ago!! I want to try so many S&G products as I still haven't tried the cosmetics and I've heard brilliant reviews.
Hope you've all had a brilliant weekend and be careful in the snow!

Lots of love,



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