Wednesday, 17 July 2013

Whats In My Bag & Purse?

Hiya girls!
Today I'm doing a 'Whats In My Bag' post. I never really do these as I personally don't find them interesting but I know many of you do find them interesting and my bag was packed to the brim so while I was emptying it, I decided to do a post. 
My bag doesn't contain any interesting items but it cures the nosiness doesn't it, so off we go!

My Nikon Camera I don't use this for my blog or Youtube, I used it to blog with at the start but now I have an upgraded one. I might use this for vlogging, though. It's a really good, inexpensive camera so I'd recommend it to anyone.

Emirates Airline Boaring Pass | London When I was in London a few months back, my first trip of this year, me and Dad decided to go on the Cable Car. It was really good and if you're visiting London I think it's something you could do with cheaper funds! It has good views and is much cheaper than the London eye. It costs around £4 so it's a bit of fun for cheap!

iPod Touch I use this everyday. Mine's slightly cracked now, but doesn't everyone's get like that?! I only use mine for social networking, music and photos. I hardly use any apps! I'd love the iPhone and I might even do a 'Whats On My iPod' post!

A Typical Tissue Definitely not exciting, but I just use this to pat my makeup when I'm feeling a bit oily. So I always keep a tissue in my bag for makeup purposes. 

A Pen I always love noting things down. I know that the iPod has a notes section but I always remember to check paper for reminders, with the notes app I always forget! So a pen is always handy for on the move. Cures train journey boredom, too!

Train Tickets These are obviously London train tickets - Ahhh, I love London! 

Glasses Wiper I used to wear glasses, but not anymore. I always keep one of these spare to wipe my camera lens. It works and doesn't smear the glass! Especially if you're like me and you've misplaced the camera cap..oops. Sorry Dad!

In my purse I basically have nothing. I keep a few cards, like my Superdrug and Boots one and I keep some vouchers, like Boots vouchers for a few pennies off! I have no money which is ever so lame but I do have the bank of Dad which comes in handy sometimes!
My purse is 'Fiorelli' or something along those lines, from TKMaxx and I bought it 2 years ago so it may not be in there anymore.

I hope you enjoyed this post, it's not exactly one of my best one's but like I say, some people really enjoy these!

Do you always have clutter in your bag after a day out?!

Lots of love xo


  1. Lovely handbag!you have a super camera too!:)

  2. The tissue made me laugh :P
    I LOVE your bag, it's so cute!!

    1. Haha, why did the tissue make you laugh?!

      Zofia x


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