Thursday, 25 July 2013

NOTW | Shimmer Gold

Hi everyone.
Just wanted to say, before I started rambling on about my talons - I'm sorry for being silent since Friday! I've not had camera batteries to do the certain posts that were scheduled but luckily, today's post was already photographed in preparation for the post! I'm back now though.

Today's nails are from 'Goldigga'. I'm not a huge fan of the brand, infact, I don't know much about them, but, at Christmas I received a small set of polishes from them and I've actually worn this twice. I'm not sure what i think of the shade - it's a gold shade but I don't think it matches my tan very well. I thought I'd jazz it up with some black nail art, which I always used to do but don't anymore.

All in all, I don't think I'll be rushing for this polish's lasted a week with a top coat so that's really good and it applies and dries nicely but I'm not overly keen on the shade. 

What do you think of gold polishes?


  1. I love the new look!I redesigned my blog too:)

  2. Do you prefer before or after?! x

  3. Such a pretty colour! Love those nails.

    *Following* You have such a pretty blog.


  4. Aw thankyou very much!

    Thanks for following - followed you back!
    Have a brilliant weekend,
    Zofia x

  5. Love these nails and your blog! Super cute! Followed on Bloglovin :)


  6. Thankyou very much for following x

  7. Cute and simple design, love it! I haven't done any nail art for ages, I miss it :') Thanks for the photography tips btw (: xx


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