Friday, 19 July 2013

Collective Haul

Hiya everyone, today's post is a haul. Recently, I've been spending quite a bit of money on new makeup bits that I want. I've decided to freshen up my collection a bit!
This is a collective haul, although most of them were bought at one time in London, I've picked up a few bits along the way in other places, too.

Collection 2000 | Creme Puff | Fairy Cake 
I had no idea what brand to choose. I've been wanting one of these lipglosses for a while - W7 do one, Collection 2000 do one, NYX do one and Miners do one... I decided to start out with the Collection 2000 one considering it was on offer at the time and I really liked the shade range. I had no idea whether to buy the nude one or to buy this one - I decided to go with this one because the nude didn't seem like a nude.. it didn't have much colour. I might decide to get that in the future, though.

The Body Shop | Raspberry Body Butter | Big Tub
Since Christmas, I've become a bit addicted to the Body Shop. Before Christmas, it wasn't really a shop that I was that interested in, but I've found myself in the shop and on the website a bit too much...
I decided to buy this body butter because it's summer and it smells gorgeous. The only downside to this body butter is that I find it doesn't smell like a plan, raspberry body butter it seems to smell quite acidic? like it has a lot of alcohol (not the drinking type!) used in it? Anyway, I'm glad I picked this up.. this was only £3 with a 30% off voucher and the sale on butters for £5.

Natural Collection | Sand Castle Lipstick 
This was an impulse buy. I wanted to try more of this brand and they had offers on so I decided to pick this up.. I'm on the hunt for as many bronze or nude lipsticks as I can find I need to find the perfect one! so I decided to try this and it certainly hasn't failed. I've been grabbing it a lot to throw on and go and it's the perfect shade, I think. It's not a pink, nor a nude, nor a coral... it's one of them shades that I can't describe!

Natural Collection | Dusky Pink Blush
Another thing from Natural Collection. I really want to try more blushers as I don't have that many. I decided to try this along with the offer too and it's really pretty. I'm not into pastel pink blushers that much because I'm very olive skinned and I think they'd make me look a bit too strange so I always opt for rosy colours or for bronzey type blushers. I decided to go with this because it's a deeper pink and it's really pretty.

Maybelline | Colour Tattoo 24hr | Pink Gold
I knew I'd get it! I always say to myself before shopping 'Ill get this, I'll get that' but when it comes down to it, I always forget or I never think it's worth it..
But, with this, it's something I know I'll use and something that I already know works. I lovelovelove the 'On and Bronze' shade as you all know so when I saw the Jemima and Ted blogpost on this, I knew I wanted it. I never wear pinks but I thought that this wasn't a pink shade it was more of a shimmery, bronzey pink. It's a pretty shade anyway and I can do many, many things with it. 

Forever 21 | Stripey Top 
Something I didn't really need, but something that I'll use..
I picked this up at Stratford and I really like it. It was only £3.99 and it can be thrown on with leggings for a bikeride or be tucked into a skater skirt on a hot an uncomfy day. I really like the ocean blue stripes and it's something really thin and vest like. Bargain!

LA Colors | Nail Polishes | Black Pearl, Frill and Topcoat
I always mention these, don't I! You know I love them and they're a London essential. They have everyshade you can name and these colours stood out. At the moment I'm wearing frill - you've even seen it in a NOTW! It's a beautiful neon pink and has suited the UK weather perfectly. It'll have to come off tonight, it's meant to be cloudy all weekend!
Black pearl is a shimmery black. I have a big polish collection but no black shades! I decided to pick up a black even though it's summer because I thought it was a pretty black because of the shimmer. I can't wait to wear this, but I think I'll wait...
Then, I needed a top coat because it's something I never seem to have and if I do, they always go gloopy and I can never get to the bottom of the pot..haha! I've used this, this week and it actually works. My nail polish has lasted a week without chipping! Excellent!

LA Colors | Jumbo Eye Pencil | Black
I mentioned these in my last haul. I picked up the white and the shimmery brown one and they work well so I knew I'd have to pick up the black shade next time I'm in London because black is the colour eyeliner I wear most. I've used this and it works brilliantly. It doesn't smudge accidentally but if you wanted to have a smoky eye or blend this, it smudes really well. It works well for the looks you want to do and it's not chalky at all! I'm really surprised by these - they're pigmented too!

LA Colours | Palette 
I picked up the Tea Time palette quite a while back and so I decided to get another one. 5 eyeshadows for £1 is brill so I needed to get another! This palette is mostly browns which is handy for me and it also includes a white and a light pink. I never thought these palettes would be pigmented, smooth and blendable, but they are. 

Argan Oil | Home Bargains
We don't have a Home Bargains here so when I visited the beach I was made up! They have some good bargains going on in there and when I saw this oil for 99p I was made up! I can't wait to use it - I've wanted a full sized oil for a long time but never bothered to try one! 
Argan Mask | Home Bargains
Like I said in my Herbal Essences review, I wanted to try more masks to compare.. 99p for this one and I thought that was great. I can't wait to try this and see what it does for my hair. 
I hope you enjoyed this haul..
what things have you been buying recently?
Have a good weekend!


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